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Thrifty Britain


I like egg ‘n’ chips and so being thrifty and frugal isn’t a problem for me, but some people are struggling in the current economic climate.

One survey said that house prices have fallen by 18% since 2007. I think average 3 bedroom houses have but some people are still buying mansions. The number of people visiting shops is said to have dropped 4.7% and house prices were said to have dropped 3.7% last month alone. The Eurozone is in crisis and stock markets continue to fall. Is there any good news?

I think there are shares going cheap on the stock markets now, if you have any money to buy. There are certainly lessons to be learned and one is to save during the good times so you have cash during times like these. No one seems to be getting pay rises except the executives at the top. The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. We have 5% inflation which basically means your money is being devalued at 5% a year, assuming you have any savings.

A few years ago you could buy a house with a 10% deposit or even no deposit at all but that made house prices rocket and many are now over-priced. Banks are a lot more cautious now after the sub-prime mortgage chaos and are offering mortgages with a 30% deposit or more.

We are encouraged to eat organic, free range food and all that, but it’s very expensive. I don’t care, I had 10 eggs for 85p the other day; they tasted OK with some oven chips and green beans. I also keep warm, although I do wish my central heating boiler would cut in a little less! It was 1C this morning and quite cold, but October was mild and so this winter’s fuel bills might not be so bad.

We have to look on the bright side. Someone asked me to photograph snow scenes this year; I’m hoping we don’t get snow. I will take photographs of the snow scenes if it snows, every cloud has a silver lining and I might get some good pictures. If I have food to eat and can keep warm; I can keep happy enough. Of course, being free of debts and other worries helps. We all get tempted by luxury goods, fast cars and so on and feel pressured into spending money at Christmas. You can come to agreements with family and friends and perhaps only buy presents for the children. You can also shop around for presents and make up unusual but useful presents. If you know someone keen on gardening some bulbs from Poundland to grow Spring flowers would be useful. They will get pleasure from that year in and year out and think of you each spring when they see snowdrops and daffodils. 

If you can think of any other reasons to be cheerful as winter approaches, please do comment!

There are more blogs on the home page. Thrifty ideas to help you cope in my Thrifty Thursday blog tomorrow.


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  1. Eggs were not plentiful during the war so a luxury my Father remembered often. His favourite meal was egg and chips, and we didn’t have it very often, even though eggs were plentiful by the time I came along.

    23, November 2011 at 12:27 pm

    • It still seems like a luxury to me to have 2 eggs instead of one. I often feel greedy! They were more expensive when I was a child but plentiful.

      23, November 2011 at 12:44 pm

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