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A Sunday Ramble | Plans

A Willenhall Park, Thursday 13 October 2011 (3)

Today’s photograph was taken by Simon James and I did the editing. I cropped a litter bin off and changed it to monochrome. It’s a Victorian memorial park. It’s over a year since I started this blog and I’ve written over 200 blogs and have plans for a brand new blog with a new name. I intend to give other writers the opportunity to write for the new blog and anyone else who wants to contribute something good like a photograph or poem even will be encouraged to do so.


This blog has been something of an experiment while I worked out new search optimisation techniques and persuaded the search engines to ‘like’ my blog. I still have to learn how to make the most of Twitter, but I’ll get there. My writing and photography has improved and now I know I need inspiration to write so many blogs. This is my 6th blog this week and I’m quite pleased with them, I’ve covered some finance, economics and there is my Neodigital Art blog. My new blog should do better because the ‘bots’ from the search engines should visit more often and I will have ‘follow’ on links, there is ‘no follow’ on most links on this blog. I shall also have a page for the blog on Facebook and possibly even a Twitter account.

I seem happier when I am planning something, I suppose I look forward to the future more and we all need to do that. I have mixed feelings about Christmas, the television will be boring  but I will probably have guests and enjoy some of the time. It’s windy but sunny today and so I can take photographs this afternoon, hopefully I will be able to hold the camera still.

The other interest I have at the moment is the stock market. I think many people are buying shares up cheaply now and they should do well when the recession finally ends. It is a risky business though! There is a European Summit soon to try to fix the Eurozone crisis and three options appear to be valid. Some people favour quantitative easing (printing money) by the European central bank; then there is the Robin Hood tax idea or an IMF bailout. I reckon they will go with the IMF bailout until they can get the Financial transactions tax in place. An opportunity to make a killing on the stock market comes along every 20 or 30 years, about as often as a Conservative government and as risky as it is I might not get another chance! You can’t take it with you and so I’m in for the ride!

I’m still thinking about a holiday next year too, I can afford it but haven’t been so well the past few weeks. I’ll see how it goes, the problem is I will have to book and then I’m committed (I should be committed). I like to plan but no too far in front and not in too much detail, just set a path and meander down it looking at the scenery! I have other plans for 2012 but I’ll share those with you next year!

I’m going to cook lunch early, pork today with broccoli and potatoes. I might even make gravy. If you have a subject for tomorrow’s blog please comment; I can never think of a subject for Monday.

Smile with tongue out

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4 responses

  1. great work

    27, November 2011 at 11:27 am

  2. I love the editing proccess and this one is good.:) I love photographs as it relieved stress.:)

    Hope to hear you,

    28, November 2011 at 1:30 pm

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