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I read an article about toast the other day. Apparently Mrs Beeton devised a toast sandwich that consisted  of a piece of toasted bread between two pieces of bread that had been spread with butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper (not paper as the article said). I am not inspired by this…

Smile with tongue out

I’m coeliac and so my digestive system reacts to gluten, the protein in bread so I never eat it. Toast is useful though, you can cut it into soldiers and dip them in your egg at breakfast; I do miss that. I miss marmalade on toast at breakfast too. Egg on toast is nice too, it can be fried or poached. Then there is Welsh rarebit which is a sauce made from cheese and poured over toast. Beans on toast is a classic and very nutritious because beans are high in protein. Spaghetti on toast is favourite with children and tasty. You can do your toast like a pizza and melt cheese on top, then add a slice of tomato and the same toppings you would have on pizza. Choose toppings that cook fast or that are already cooked and slice them very thinly. You can toast one side of the bread and then toast the other until it’s just starting to brown, then spread mashed potato on the lightly browned side, sprinkle with salt and pepper and brown; a thin slice of tomato is optional.

Smile with tongue out

When I was a child we had coal fires and we would toast bread over the red hot coals on a toasting fork! It tasted so much nicer then! You can also make toasted soldiers to dip into hot warming soup in winter or cut it into squares and float it on top of your soup like croutons. Bread is a staple food and very versatile but tastes so much better toasted. The club sandwich is a double decker toasted sandwich made from 3 slices of toasted bread. On the top deck it’s usual to have turkey or chicken and on the bottom deck bacon and lettuce. You can add tomato, spring onion, salad cream; whatever you like. Presentation is important with a club sandwich, place it on a plate, cut it into four and fill the plate with chips! That is an ideal lunch on Boxing Day using the left over turkey! A club sandwich with chips does use both staple foods, potatoes and bread but does lack fibre, so use plenty of lettuce or add some veggies like peas.

Soup is often described as a ‘comfort’ food, I think toast is too, it’s warming and nourishing. Hot soup on a cold day with a couple of pieces of toast is warming, comforting and nourishing. French onion soup is particularly nice with toast as is chicken soup.

The odds of being a coeliac and reacting to bread is about 100 to 1 in the UK. Then you can’t eat bread or toast! Someone did suggest I eat toast but it’s the same protein. There is bread that is gluten free but not very tasty. There is gluten free pizza, pasta, biscuits and cakes. Some of the gluten free products are available on prescription. There is a blood test for coeliac disease called the anti-endomysial antibody test and that is worth having if you have digestive problems. In many countries, such as the USA, the disease is called celiac disease. In coeliac disease, you don’t get sick every time you eat something that contains gluten, but it slowly damages the digestive system. You don’t digest your food and so can get deficient in vitamins and minerals and in children it can stunt their growth. I’m very tall, but many children I used to see at a coeliac clinic were very small. Even though I don’t have gluten or dairy products there is still lots I can eat and I eat well. There are people starving in the world and so this isn’t a big problem. I fancy a toasted sandwich now, I’ll have to settle for a baked potato with chicken and veggies; it’s better than starving…

Smile with tongue out

2 responses

  1. I have friends with the same problem, Mike. I know it can be difficult, but better once it’s diagnosed.

    I also have a friend who declares often that she could ‘live on toast’! Toasted soldiers are good with a boiled egg too, our grandson’s favourite tea!

    2, December 2011 at 4:07 pm

  2. I have a boiled egg every morning and occasionally cornflakes when I remember to buy gluten free and soya milk. I’m tempted to try gluten free bread again just for the toast; although I did throw the toaster out! I still have a grill that has ever been used. I thought maybe it was a bit much devoting a whole blog to toast and so thought I would publicise Coeliac disease a little.

    2, December 2011 at 4:19 pm

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