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Money - Seeing the future

There are some ‘sensational deals’ at Lidl this week, I would like the Bachelor’s savoury rice and cup a soups, but they are unlikely to be gluten free and dairy free. I’ll get chicken and veggies and make my own soup as usual. In the Christmas market, they have duck, goose and venison.

I looked at a duck leg but it was 40% duck and so didn’t buy. I’ll look at those again this week though. Other exotic things include king prawns, tiger prawns and a whole crab. It all looks yummy and I even fancy the quail. They have a good selection of booze too including 28 year old single malt. I like the Glenfiddich hip flask and 12 year old single malt whisky. I doubt if such a present would be used though, they to be popular and  used when people were outdoors but most people drive (and don’t drink) now.

George at Asda is worth a look if you need gifts for Christmas. I spotted a crew neck jumper I would like for only £6. Asda free-from white bread rolls are gluten free and dairy free, I might try those! There are lots of offers at Asda in grocery, too many to list here. The vegetables are usually good at Lidl and they are reasonably priced at Aldi. The onions and salad potatoes are 49p a kilo at Aldi this week. Leeks are 49p for 500g and swedes are 49p each too.

To shop around it is a good idea to shop at a different supermarket each week. It’s not worth a special trip but if I’m passing I’ll shop at more than one supermarket.

If you are shopping for Christmas, you can save money by being thrifty. A turkey crown instead of a turkey will save money; do you really want lots left over? I will have a turkey thigh joint, that will be more than enough for me and many people have a chicken instead.  A chicken is just as good and a lot cheaper. I like turkey and I eat a lot of chicken all year around so I want a change. We think of Christmas as a special time and a time for a few luxuries. I’ll have good food but it doesn’t have to be caviar does it? I’ll be happy with my turkey joint and that will make a nice Christmas lunch and then for Christmas dinner my gourmet Icelandic prawn salad will be good.  Spend too much money over Christmas and all you’ll be able to afford is that Mrs Beeton toast sandwich that has been the source of many a article and blog of late. I hope the weather will stay mild until the New Year, despite the fact some people want a white Christmas; I want a low gas bill! While you are Christmas shopping, think about those January bills; that should curb your spending!

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