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Thrifty Thursday | Christmas Shopping

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The goodies in the picture were mostly bought last weekend. I have been to Lidl, Aldi and Asda this week. The thing that really bugs me is not being able to afford what you need when you’re out, especially if it’s a special occasion. Like not being able to buy what you need on a day out or on holiday. If you’re thrifty you can always afford what you need.

I went to Lidl and they are good for fruit and vegetables. I had broccoli (79p), salad tomatoes (69p), Iceberg lettuce (69p), white cabbage (69p/kg), red onions (59p), baking potatoes (£1.10/Kg), bananas (52p/kg) and a stew pack with carrots, swede and parsnip. I’ll make chicken stew this afternoon! I had the prawns in brine despite the price increase they were still £1.19, I’m planning a prawn salad; perhaps for lunch. I had chicken legs as usual for £1.99/Kg but the best bargain might have been the Chaumet sparking Perry for 99p a bottle. That’s quite low alcohol compared to wine, but I think a few people will drink that at Christmas. I also had Cien hair spray, that is good for men and women because it doesn’t have a strong perfume.

Yesterday, I foraged in Aldi, another discount supermarket and the best bargain was  a local beer; Bank’s mild and bitter was 99p for 500ml. I like sardines in tomato sauce and they were 38p a can. The chicken drumsticks were reasonable so I had 3 packs of those. A lot of food I want for Christmas and I’ll do a blog about my Christmas buffet. I usually do salmon, cheese, ham, prawns and lots of pickle. I’ll buy a pack of bread rolls and there will be crisps and I cook some oven chips too. Salad is good, but we want something filling! A buffet gives everyone a choice and everyone finds something they like. I had another tin of pink salmon for 99p and more frozen prawns for £2.99.

I also went in Asda yesterday but didn’t buy much. The prices for things I wanted were too expensive unless I had the offer which was cheaper if I bought two. I did buy a frying pan!

We also went to Matalan yesterday and again I had more T shirts for £4 each and I am very pleased with china mugs for £3 each. I bought a tie for £3, too. The clothes are fashionable but many people were older and the clothes weren’t really suitable. There wasn’t many clothes for the over 40’s. I did have a bath sheet for £10 and found a lot of the household stuff was reasonably priced.

Many of my readers are outside of the UK and so my bargains won’t apply but there are bargains everywhere, look at what is on the leaflets and try to save money with coupons. Car boot sales, garage sales and jumble sales will save you money too. Markets are great too, my town has a market with a royal charter although it’s not as good as it used to be, partly due to rising rents; but you can still find a bargain.

If you are thrifty and frugal and have a day out like I had yesterday, you can afford to spend a little money. I was still thrifty looking for bargains but could be generous giving money to charity at the hospital. There is a time to be stingy and a time to be generous!

I’ll be doing a frugal blog tomorrow; in the meantime there are more blogs on the Home Page.



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