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An interesting week…


It was an interesting week. I had a Christmas card from a member of Parliament and I was presented with a certificate by a mayor; that’s him in the chain… Those are the winning photographs; I didn’t win but at least I was a finalist. My picture will be displayed and that is good enough.


This corridor is more like a concert hall than a corridor. This is where the photographs will be displayed, there are big white spaces on the walls. This is the Out Patients part of the hospital. The hospital is fairly new and was still being built in 2009. It’s clean and spacious but a little clinical, so the photographs will enhance the decor.


There are several cafes and a restaurant; there is also a supermarket and an ATM in that foyer. We stopped in this one for a while and had a drink.


Even the escalators look cool in this photograph. The hospital cost about 170 million pounds and was built using a private finance initiative. It’s run by a trust and maintained by the company that built it. It will be paid for over the next 30 years and the final cost will probably be double at around 300 million. The local council are paying around 300 million for garbage collection over the next 30 years and this is a hell of a lot more important. In other parts of the UK they prefer to pay less taxes and have less amenities like this; we try to get our priorities right here and hopefully attract the best doctors and nurses. The hospital has a friendly but professional atmosphere too.  I met the Chief executive, he seems alright.

It makes a change to spend an hour in a hospital without having 30 feet of plastic tubing shoved up an orifice, I’ve seen the place in a whole new light!   Anyway, you have had another fascinating glimpse into my life. I hope you’ll comment, click ‘like’ and if you really liked it vote for it. There is a share button to share it with you online friends. I need more readers so I can start another bigger and better blog in the New Year.

There is more fascinating stuff on the Home Page.  Don’t forget to comment!

Incidentally, there is a lunar eclipse today, it’s daytime in England; but it will be visible in some countries; like China. 12:45 pm GMT; 8:45 pm in China; 7:45 am EST.


2 responses

  1. Thank you, Mike, for sharing your interesting week with us. It does my heart good to know that you will be cheering up hospital patients with your stunning and peaceful photos.

    The Hospital is remarkable and will be even more so with your artwork gracing its walls.

    11, December 2011 at 5:48 pm

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks, I have been thinking for some time about doing voluntary work at the hospital. i would like to help people write and blog as therapy. I am sometimes busier helping students but i will give it serious though after Christmas. There is a training course, I suppose it infection control, fire safety and that sort of thing most of which I did when I worked for the government but it still takes up time. want to start my new blog first, I’m not too sure about the technicalities of using plug-ins.

    I’ll have something to talk about when I next get an appointment; they are overdue but I feel reasonably well.

    11, December 2011 at 6:52 pm

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