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Farmville | Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

It’s been a while since I wrote a Farmville blog, it gets more complicated and time consuming. If you still have your dairies then you can make lots of coins and level up easily. I’m on level 685 and one of my neighbours is on level 750, maybe higher now!

Smile with tongue out

At this level you can take the lead if you are willing to play all day and every day; I don’t have the time. I have been buying goods to exchange for fuel. This is unfair on some neighbours because I can only buy 100; even though the capacity says 200. I have four farms now, Home Farm, Lighthouse Cove, English Countryside and this latest one, Winter Wonderland. It all takes time  and we get pop ups asking us to share with neighbours and quests that involve begging neighbours for help; it’s all too time consuming. The trading post is  time consuming and so too is the craftshop. I have managed to buy goods and make goods to trade for fuel and now have over 25,000; that should last a while. It seems easier to plant mostly crops that take 10 or 12 hours, black grapes and white grapes for red wine. On the English Countryside one, I plant hops and barley. I often plant crops on Lighthouse Cove to make goods on Home Farm and intend to see if that will help in completing a Cooperative job.

I just checked Lighthouse Cove and I can expand the farm to 195 plowable plots but need  163 neighbours. I need one more neighbour and it also costs 3,000,000 coins. Spending 3,000,000 will help me level up but getting another neighbour is a nuisance; FarmVille is often irritating.

Smile with tongue out

I managed to get that new neighbour and expand my Lighthouse Cove farm for 3,000,000 coins; that was quick. Much as I dislike the Craft Shop because it’s too slow, I am trying to make vehicle parts to upgrade the combine harvesters on Lighthouse Cove and Winter Wonderland.

If you are trying to put the moat or railways lines together, they aren’t puzzles; use the straight bits to go straight and the corners to go around corners. The moat is more difficult than the railway.

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  1. Hey Mike, just wanted to let you know that you are a Preliminary Nominee for The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards Writer of the Year Award, as Nominated by Nuvofelt… In the end, there will only be 5 Final Nominees in each of the 3 Categories, which will be determined on December 20th… If you make the Final 5 Best Writer of the Year cut, Voting for the actual Awards will begin December 21st through December 31st… And the Award Winners will be Announced on January 1st… To see your actual Nomination,and for the Official Rules, you can go here
    Gratz, and if you make the Final Cut, Good Luck! Either way, Kudos for being Nominated

    Editor/Creator/and one of the many Writers of The Dark Globe

    17, December 2011 at 7:26 pm

    • Hi Darkjade,

      Cool, I’m having a good year. I’ve been nominated for three writing awards and been a finalist in a photography competition! 🙂

      I must try harder next year! 🙂

      18, December 2011 at 9:38 am

      • Hey again, thanks for Notifying your Nominees by the way, beat me to it, lol You were also Nominated for The Dark Globe Photographer of the Year as well by Carolyn Nicander… In the end, if you make the Final Cut, you can only win an Award for one Category, as we want 3 different Winners… But none the less, gratz on getting Nominated for two different Categories, pretty cool


        18, December 2011 at 11:56 pm

  2. Hi Darkjade,

    We have to promote it a little, the more people that join in the better. I’m happy to win one category! I’m not sure if I notified all three nominees, I had a busy day; I forget things!

    19, December 2011 at 9:01 am

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