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Facebook Timeline


I have published my new Facebook Timeline! Cool. I have now got a profile picture, a header and lots of photographs on my page. You can take a look by clicking my Facebook ‘badge’ in the sidebar  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

There is also a page and video on Facebook telling you all about it, click here.


According to Facebook, you tell your life story using Timeline; at least your life story since you’ve been on Facebook. It has chopped my header picture down a little, it was a good picture too.  You even get a map with Timeline to say where you’ve been!

It’s nearly Christmas, just one week to go. I might go to  Aldi later and buy a few things; more beer! I want to take look in Poundland and get more A4 picture frames. I‘m also planning another trip to Matalan, mainly because the new Tee shirts I had from there are making my old ones look faded and tatty. They also sent me a voucher to get 20% off if I spend more than £30. The Tee shirts were £4 so in theory I can get them for £3.20 each!

This is the top of my Facebook Timeline:



The latest news on the Internet is Google have been at it again. After their ‘Do a barrel roll’ trick; we now have ‘let it snow’. You type ‘let it snow’ into Google search and it does!

Smile with tongue out

There are more amazing pre-Christmas blogs on my Home Page. Please comment and click share.





2 responses

  1. BeInSocialMedia

    Facebook gets more addictive with this new feature. Timeline! And facebook timeline’s cover design is awesome for facebook pages. Thank you

    4, March 2012 at 3:48 am

    • I like Timeline and my friend has just started a fan page with Timeline that looks great. I do wish the feed telling me what my friends are doing was on a separate page but maybe they will do that in the future.

      Thanks for the comment.

      4, March 2012 at 10:43 am

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