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Thrifty Christmas


It’s quite cold in England now but it is warmer today at around 5 C. Warmer than on Sunday when I photographed these swans making their way through the ice.  I had frozen food in the back of my car so the weather was good for that but I was freezing.

When you have been thrifty all year, you can afford to splash out a  little at Christmas. You have to be careful though. I had a few things from Asda and noticed the price difference compared to Lidl and Aldi. Iceberg lettuce was nearly twice the price in Asda. The main reason for shopping there was the free from aisle. I wanted gluten free soya sauce and spread; I still didn’t get any soya sauce! I paid too much for fruit, salad and vegetables; but wanted them fresh for Christmas. I think they would have been around £5 cheaper at Aldi or Lidl, a third off is a lot! Before you buy anything in the next couple of days consider whether it will be reduced after Christmas or in a sale. We all want food but I am hoping non-food items will be cheaper after Christmas. You might pick up a few bargains in the supermarkets late on Christmas Eve too, they will be closed for a  day or two. The supermarkets near me sell things off cheap on a Sunday before they close, just because they’re closing early. The Asda near me closes at 7pm on Christmas Eve and the superstore some distance away an hour later at 8pm. They are both closed on Christmas Day but open again 10 to 4 on Boxing Day; so you might pick up a few bargains on Boxing Day. Anyone for half price crackers? It might sound daft, but buying Christmas cards, wrapping paper and the like after Christmas can save you a fortune. There will probably be other goodies like mince pies and chocolate too.

I’m hungry now…

Smile with tongue out

If I don’t have guests on Boxing Day, I might go foraging around a supermarket. Morrison’s closes at 5 o’clock on Christmas Eve, they’ll all go to Asda! Morrison’s is also closed on Boxing Day; Asda could be packed. Morrison’s is closed New Year’s Day but Asda is open until 5 o’clock. You might pick up bargains at Tesco before they close on Christmas Eve too; they close at 7pm. Tesco will be closed on Boxing Day too and close at 6pm on Tuesday. Tesco close on New Year’s Day too. I’ll see you all in Asda on Boxing Day then…

Smile with tongue out

Aldi Christmas opening hours are here. Lidl’s Christmas opening hours are a mystery to me; I searched their websites and still don’t know. I hope that duck they have is on special offer after Christmas!

Smile with tongue out

I think I have everything I need for Christmas. I’ll do a buffet for my guests and drinks of course. I got drinks from Lidl and Aldi. I have prawns, cheese, ham, chicken drumsticks, bread rolls, oven chips, pickled onions, beetroot, Branston, iceberg lettuce, spring onions, tomatoes, cucumber and Heinz salad cream. I should be able to rustle up something with that lot.

Smile with tongue out

It’s getting dark early now and temperatures drop at night and so it’s worth going around the house, closing curtains to keep the heat in. Lined curtains are good for insulating the windows a little too. I have internal draught proofing and so I don’t need to heat all the rooms, unless it gets very cold. If you don’t have much insulation, draught proofing and loft insulation will save you a fortune and cavity wall insulation is worth having too. Double glazing is probably only worthwhile if you need to replace your windows. The thrifty amongst us appreciate low gas and electricity bills!

Anyway, have a Thrifty Christmas and have money left over in January! I shall be posting blogs all through the Christmas period. I’ll try to do a special one on Christmas Day; in the meantime there are lots of amazing blogs on my Home Page!



5 responses

  1. Happy Christmas to you too, Mike. Hope you have a great time. 🙂

    22, December 2011 at 4:32 pm

  2. Hi Nandini,

    Thanks, I’m not sure if you celebrate Christmas but have a good time anyway. I know many people will use any excuse to celebrate! It’s very multi-cultural where I live so we celebrate everything! 🙂

    22, December 2011 at 4:59 pm

    • No I don’t celebrate, but I surely spread wishes around. Isn’t it similar to saying – Happy time to you. 🙂

      That’s great. 🙂

      23, December 2011 at 2:23 pm

  3. Mike I love your “celebrate Everything.” I think the cultural things need to calm down. I am in my 40’s and even with a daughter the holidays are just “the holidays”…being unemployed right now keeps me level and balanced. I did not give to anyone not even family friends or daughter. Thanks for being my follower and making time for me! I have blogged for one year on the wordpress challenge and you take the Cake! Much Love to you and your family, your fan, Jackie

    22, December 2011 at 8:58 pm

  4. Hi Jackie,

    It does need to calm down a little here; we have fireworks going off all night on New Year! I don’t know how they afford it!

    22, December 2011 at 11:46 pm

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