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Frugal Christmas

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It’s Frugal Friday again and nearly Christmas. Many people are taking out payday loans or planning to after Christmas and some are putting Christmas on their credit cards. This is not a good idea! I checked some share prices earlier; shares in payday loans companies and banks are going up. I’m not surprised!

I’ve bought more food and drinks because I will have guests but haven’t borrowed money to do it. Paying interest is a waste of money and the more desperate you get, the more interest the lenders demand; over 1,000% on Payday loans! Store cards have a high interest rate too and credit cards are quite high. We have lived in a ‘live now, pay later’ society but all that appears to be coming to an end. Even governments are learning that you can’t go on borrowing money for ever, at some point you have to start paying it back; if you can.

People waste huge amounts of food at Christmas and it’s a good idea to think what can be done with that left over turkey. None of mine will be wasted! I like it warmed up on Boxing Day in the gravy. I will give some leftover food to guests to take home. I follow a gluten free diet and so never eat bread so I can give that to guests to take home. Most of the left over food I will be able to eat. One year I kept a lettuce left over in the fridge and was still eating it a month later! I always buy iceberg or little gem because they do keep well.

Postage costs are expensive now and so you might like to consider alternative ways of sending Christmas greetings. I have a photo of the snow last year with Merry Christmas written on it. I posted that on Facebook and I can use it in an email to send Christmas greetings around the world.

This is a good time to think about frugal New Year resolutions and see if you can agree to some with your family. Maybe saving electricity by switching things off when they aren’t being used. Perhaps, you can resolve to waste less food or even grow a little food in the garden? Could you drive more economically and save on petrol costs? Perhaps, you could maintain or repair things to make them last longer? You could also think about taking up a frugal, money saving hobby.  New skills can save money too, hairdressing, sewing or knitting perhaps? There are frugal ways to get more exercise too, such as digging the garden or cleaning the car. If you resolve to do more walking (I take my camera), that is great exercise and cheaper than joining a gym!

I’ll be posting another blog tomorrow, Christmas Eve; the final shopping day. There are more amazing blogs on my Home Page. Have a good weekend and a great Christmas! Be sure to read my Christmas Day blog! Info on UK crisis loans can be found here..


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