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Christmas Day 2011 | Merry Christmas


I would like to wish all my readers a

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year.

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas and you’re all looking forward to a Happy New Year. 

This year was interesting for me and not without problems, but compared to some years it was quite good. We had a little icy weather earlier this month and that gave me the chance to take a few icy photographs like the one I began today’s blog with. I’m pleased to say it’s warmer now.

I live in a small market town that was absorbed into a Metropolitan area of 6 towns. We have a market, by Royal charter that isn’t quite what it used to be. I like it here, although not everyone agrees with me. I have taken photographs of stark industrial landscapes that are quite ugly and of the lake in the picture above that are quite picturesque.  People who have moved away now like to see photographs of their ‘home town’, we never appreciate what we have until we now longer have it.

This is the Black Country, known for it’s industry and humour. Some of the humour can be crude, silly and hard to understand. The funny stories have helped people through the hard times and many of the funny stories relate to the hard times that people endured years ago.

I was reminded of Christmas when I was a child the other day, when we got things in our stocking that were predictable. Tangerines were popular and white mice made from sugar! We did have a Christmas tree, it wasn’t very good and came out every year but it seemed good at the time. I remember a neighbour having a television and I was invited around to watch for a while at Christmas; I remember it was ice skating! It was exciting in those days to listen to a carol service on the radio. We used to go out carol singing to make a little money too, armed with hymn books from Sunday school. We would go somewhere posh where they had some money! I think many people think of the old days at Christmas…

Smile with tongue out

I often write a blog on a Sunday while my Sunday lunch is cooking. Today, I have turkey and pork in the oven and I will enjoy my Christmas lunch later. Food is quite important at Christmas but there is no real need to spend a lot of money. I’ve bought food because I have a few guests on Tuesday. Today, is much like any other Sunday. We often take photographs to use in my blogs on a Sunday afternoon while the roads are quiet. I’m even thinking of going out today; at least the roads will be quiet! I have put the television on, in the UK we have to have a licence for a TV; I’m not sure why, mine works fine without one! The programs at Christmas are even worse than the rest of the year. I wonder why they always put on a awful musical version of a Dickens classic? The soaps make Christmas specials too, they are even worse. Maybe, that’s why food is so important?

Smile with tongue out

I use MSN Instant Messenger to chat to people and that’s gone very quiet today. I have talked to a student in China, the shopping mall there was crowded yesterday. Maybe, we can export Christmas trees to China or something? I listened to Chinese students singing last year via the internet. I think it was twinkle twinkle little star or was it jingle bells? Something like that…  The world appears to get smaller all the time. The time differences are confusing though. I was talking to California yesterday and China at the same time. California is 8 hour behind England and China is 8 hours ahead; confusing…

I hope you have found today’s blog interesting, do have a great Christmas and you can tell me how it’s been so far by using the comment box! There are more amazing blogs on the Home Page.



7 responses

  1. Nandini

    Merry Christmas to you too. 🙂

    25, December 2011 at 12:58 pm

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours! 🙂

    25, December 2011 at 1:42 pm

  3. Thanks, I’m just finishing Christmas lunch, it was delicious! Nectarine for dessert. 🙂

    25, December 2011 at 1:48 pm

  4. Happy Christmas, Mike! I hope you had a great one!

    25, December 2011 at 10:36 pm

  5. Hi Carolyn,

    I hope you are enjoying Christmas. I have done a lot of eating so far. I have guests tomorrow, on Christmas Day and Boxing Day they spend time with their children. We have turkey in the UK at Christmas and so recipes abound today for leftover turkey curry. I prefer it cold with pickle! 🙂

    26, December 2011 at 8:53 am

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