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Boxing Day 2011 | Blogging through Christmas


Today’s picture shows the canal frozen over, I’m pleased to say it’s a little warmer now. People are using up leftover food today. Many will have leftover turkey and I read a recipe this morning  for a Thai curry made from leftover turkey. These celebrity chefs live on another planet where Tesco is always open and coconut milk is always in stock. They also seem to have unlimited amounts of money.

Meanwhile back on planet earth many of us will eat the the left over turkey with pickles. I made my gravy yesterday with a Bovril cube and there is some left. I could warm up some turkey in the left over gravy and then stir fry left over potatoes and white cabbage until golden brown. I could add a little Branston to that; I think I’m getting addicted to Branston pickle this Christmas. I had turkey, pork and prawn cocktail crisps for supper last night; seriously yummy!

Smile with tongue out

The sky is dark and grey today but I do see a glimmer of sunshine; I might get out after lunch and take a few photographs. Buildings make good subjects in winter and I want to take some in the town centre. Normally, there are too many people around, but it might be quiet today.

I have just remembered Asda is open today, I might get bargains in there. I have cleaning to do before I venture out. It’s been that long since I switched the vacuum cleaner on I’m not sure how it works!

The sales are starting today at supermarkets and major retailers. The bargains tend to be crap they can’t sell and they even buy in crap specially. They used to have January sales but they all start early now and some stores have sales all year around. The Matalan sale is worth checking out. I shall cover sales in my Thrifty Thursday blog. 

I don’t like January, it’s too cold, but at least I get no major bills for 3 months and can save a little money. A lot of people will get nasty credit card bills in January as the cost of Christmas suddenly lands on their door mat. I didn’t use credit but did spend a little more than usual in December.

I have done a Neodigital Art blog for tomorrow, I shall be cooking and preparing food tomorrow morning. This week, there is a diverse range of pictures from all through the year. On Wednesday it will be a psychology blog and we will be back to thrifty on Thursday. In the meantime, enjoy your day and there are more amazing blogs on my Home Page.



5 responses



    26, December 2011 at 2:19 pm

    • Hi,

      Thanks for visiting, I hope you’re enjoying Christmas.

      26, December 2011 at 2:34 pm

  2. You are so right, chefs ALWAYS seem to have what they need on hand, don’t they? Me, I always find, after I started, that I am missing something that I could have SWORN I saw in my cupboard. Just been around so many years that now things like that are just memories of times when it was in the cupboard. LOL

    Yay for no credit bills. Me too, don’t have any. Did spend a bit more too tho. But that is ok.

    Your photo is lovely! Thanks for posting it.

    27, December 2011 at 7:03 am

  3. Hi,

    Yes, recipes are hopeless. I did end up warming up turkey in gravy and frying potatoes golden brown but I added Chinese 5 spice, it turned out well!

    I have taken photographs of that canal many times, it’s not the prettiest one but it always looks different with different seasons. The canals were built for industry and some are really scenic where they go through the countryside or a golf course but can attract graffiti. I’m fascinated by the history, they are straight and level with aqueducts going over roads and bridges to take the roads over the canal. It’s interesting to see such engineering from the 17th Century, when they didn’t even have electricity.

    27, December 2011 at 10:17 am

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