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Thrifty Thursday | Sales

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It’s that time of year again and there are sales at most retailers around the UK. Need a dinner suit for a posh dinner? There is a gentleman’s dinner jacket and trousers in Matalan’s sale for £45!

Amazon claim to be offering up to 70% off just about everything. I had my gel hand warmers from there. They aren’t always the cheapest but they tend to stock things I can’t get elsewhere and delivery is quick.  A dinner suit from Asda in their sale is even cheaper than Matalan! It’s only £25 for the dinner jacket and £7 for the trousers! I had 4 pairs of jeans from the Asda sale, one year. I’m still wearing them. I want more tee shirts and they are £4 at Matalan and just £2 in the Asda sale. I had some from Matalan and they now make the rest of my T shirts look faded!

If you usually shop in Tesco, I suppose their January sale is worth looking at but I didn’t find a bargain worth making the trip there. I compared laptops in Tesco’s sale to Curry’s and the Curry’s sale seems better. If you have to buy a new cleaner, laptop or whatever then Curry’s is a good place to check out.

I didn’t find much to get excited about at Very either but I would consider the Remington electric hair clippers. They would perhaps be handy if you have a few kids and want to cut their hair. They are half price reduced to £30. I have some and they are easy to use. Mine run on 3 – AA batteries. You save a fortune if you cut the family’s hair, all you need is a set of those clippers and some good hari dressing scissors.

I like these soup mugs in the Betterware sale for £9.99. I like this thing for crisping oven chips in the Betterware sale too; but how big is it? I have  a mesh thing, but it’s a bit floppy and I keep burning myself on the oven.  Incidentally, if you do fancy cutting your kid’s hair, then the hairdressing scissors are reduced in the Betterware sale too, down to £5.99 for thinning scissors and ordinary scissors.

Argos have a sale of course and if you need a new computer, TV or electronics item that is worth looking at. I liked a camera at Argos and it was reduced; but it’s £13 cheaper at Amazon. It’s still not cheap enough so mine will have to do for a while longer!

If you are going to celebrate New Year, you can pick up food and drink and even fireworks at Lidl. I tried that Chaumet sparkling Perry yesterday and that’s good for 99p. It’s about 5% alcohol and so not too strong and it fizzes! The champagne at £34.99 will also fizz; but will also make a dent in the wallet.

I have spent more money in December but tried to get value for money. I got a Matalan card and they sent me a voucher to get 20% off my next purchase. 20% off sale prices sounds good and so I might replace all my faded Tee shirts! I don’t really need more clothes apart from T shirts, but they have nice china mugs so I might buy a few more of those. I always need towels and tea towels too so I’ll check those out. I have the usual monthly out going in the next few months but don’t expect to spend any on my car. It can be tempting when you have spare cash to spend it; but I will save, knowing I can invest it and that I have lots of bills coming in later in the year. I’ll be doing a frugal blog tomorrow, so please pop back to check that out. If you have seen any sale bargains, please let me in on them by commenting. You can find more amazing blogs on the Home Page.


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