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Thrifty Thursday | Recovering from Christmas


Christmas is over and if like me you spent a little more in December than usual, you might have to be extra thrifty and frugal in January. As you can see from the picture, I’m still enjoying my food. The pink salmon was from Poundland, the prawns were expensive and I think I used too many; but I enjoyed it! The salad was left over from Christmas of course; waste not want not…

I checked what is on offer this week at Lidl online, I might go there this afternoon.  It’s stormy out with high winds and rain. It always seems to rain when I go to Lidl. I saw the chicken drumsticks are on offer at £1.99 a Kg; I will try to get some; if they are still in stock. I need fruit but I don’t want citrus fruit so might have apples for £1/Kg; the clementines are good value at 96p/kg. There is a lot of winter colds and flu around and so we need some vitamins. I cooked a nice chicken stew last week and added a little 5 spice to spice it up; yummy. If you click that link, it will give you the recipe and you can sprinkle a little 5 spice in about 10 minutes before the end of cooking to spice it up. You only need a tiny bit. Lucozade (£1/litre) is good if you’re not well; too.

If you are struggling to make ends meet this month; make a list of where the money is going and come to an agreement with your family or people you live with to be thrifty and frugal  until your finances are under control. Don’t get uptight about it, you’ll be tempted to ignore the problem. Don’t blot the problem out with alcohol either. I had a few drinks over a Christmas but so far in 2012 – not a drop! We make excuses to indulge ourselves, the food will taste better with a glass of wine; I’ll sleep better after a couple of beers. Research shows we don’t sleep better after drinking alcohol, we may sleep better initially but wake up in the early hours when the effects are wearing off. We are also slow and sluggish the next morning and moan when we have to go out in the cold.

Make your aims to save money long term, look at everything you spend money on and see if bills can be cut by saving energy and don’t make the mistake of thinking small savings don’t add up. Switching off the lights in unused rooms saves money, turning off heating in unused rooms can reduce your heating bill by 20%.

I just had my post come, most of it was junk mail; special offers and sales because this is a difficult month for retailers. My readers are in 17 countries around the world but this is something all countries tend to have in common and you can find bargains, so read those leaflets! I didn’t find anything to tempt me. One was for cable TV, I prefer Freeview for obvious reasons. One for reduced price vitamins, I prefer fruit and vegetables. The one letter that wasn’t junk was a hospital appointment for next Thursday; I’ll have to write next week’s blog in advance and schedule it. I’ll also watch the weather forecast. Incidentally, whatever the weather, I’ll drive there and so I  have antifreeze in the car and cans of de-icer. I have a ice scraper in there somewhere too. I bought a snow shovel from Aldi, I’ll take that if it snows! I am probably over reacting, but if you are prepared you’re less likely to be caught out and I was prepared for Christmas so I’m not struggling for money this month; in fact I’m looking to invest for the future. I’ll be saving money over the next few months because I have no major bills until my water bill in April; the rest will go out on direct debits and so there will be no nasty surprises. If I can save now, I can not only afford my car insurance and tax later in the year. I can pay them in full and avoid extra charges for paying in instalments or taxing my car for 6 months. I might have a holiday too, that might depend on what happens next week at the hospital; we can’t predict everything.

There are more amazing blogs on my Home Page. Please comment and if you want me to write about something in particular; please make a suggestion, I’ll even try to do some research!


7 responses

  1. Our junk mail is never any use for bargains – how many times do you need double glazing?


    I can recycle them into collage art. So I win – they lose………

    Good post.

    5, January 2012 at 12:38 pm

  2. Hi Myfanwhy,

    I did that when my nephew was a child. We made a money box out of Papier-mâché and then cut squares out of glossy leaflets, magazines etc and covered it with a collage. Then varnished over that! It looked good when it was finished! The Farmfoods leaflet had bargains but not enough to tempt me.

    Thanks for the comment.

    5, January 2012 at 12:47 pm

  3. I notice that you like prawns!

    5, January 2012 at 2:03 pm

  4. Hi Eryn

    Yes, yummy! I did prawns and many other things for a buffet at Christmas too. I like the picture, is that new?

    5, January 2012 at 2:10 pm

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