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Canal edit one

Some bloggers simply write about their lives, others have a genre that they know a lot about. If you are just writing about your life and you have a boring day; won’t your blog be boring? If you have a particular genre won’t you run out of things to say about it? I think some genres like art are so diverse that you can keep writing about it forever and never run out of informative things to say but some genres can be difficult. I write about finance and being thrifty and frugal, but I struggle for ideas sometimes.

This week I tried to write a blog every day and so needed a new idea every day. I have a lot of categories and so a lot of genres to choose from. I also do thrifty on Thursdays and frugal on Fridays. I don’t have to decide the genre on some days they are decided in advance. I posted my frugal blog on Friday and a draft and then forgot to publish! Never mind, I’ll save that one for next week!

Smile with tongue out

When you are writing a blog, it’s a good idea to try to either make it very topical or timeless so it doesn’t refer to anything topical. If it’s timeless you can reuse it again in the future, either by reworking it or just by mentioning it in a new blog and linking to it so new readers can read it.

When you’re writing your blog, make it easy to understand and make it flow easily, walk your reader through what you are trying to say. Don’t try to be clever and use long words that you wouldn’t normally use in conversation. An extensive vocabulary isn’t the mark of a good writer, imagination and clarity are.

I don’t know what to write about.

If you haven’t bound yourself by the constraints of having to write to a particular genre, you might find that you are simply not inspired. If life is boring, then you are unlikely to be inspired. The soap opera on TV is unlikely to inspire you to write; watching a documentary on something topical probably will inspire you. Lots of things inspire me; nature, when I’m out taking photographs; history, the canal in the photograph above is 17th century and life in general. I should mention punctuation too, note the punctuation in that last sentence, that would be hard to get right without using semi colons; they exist for a reason! Also check your blog when you have finished for errors and try to make it look professional. I’m using Windows Live Writer and will use the preview mode when I finish to check it over for errors. Then I’ll post it as a draft and do a ‘more’ tag, pingbacks to other blogs, etc.

Do you have questions? Ask them in comments or even give readers a tip of your own. You can also click like and maybe people will spot that and visit your blog?

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Time to cook Sunday lunch…




6 responses

  1. You always manage to find something interesting to say, Mike. You have some lovely photographs to share too, I can’t imagine you being stuck for a post.

    I forgot to press publish on Friday! That post was a day late.

    8, January 2012 at 12:41 pm

  2. Hi Myfanwy,

    That’s the problem with getting older, we forget things! The photographs have become important now. I hope to go out on my first photographic outing of 2012 today. The sun was shining, I hope it comes out again. I have to pop in Lidl and get some bargains on the way! I want a photo frame from Poundland but that might have to wait! The Matalan sale awaits me too, so much to do. have a hospital appointment this week though, that should inspire and it’s close to Matalan so maybe treat myself to new clothes after the hospital visit. I might need cheering up!

    8, January 2012 at 12:49 pm

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