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Neodigital Art | Changing scenes

Moorcroft Wood - The Sanna

I took this picture of the ‘Sanna’ in August and I went back again on Sunday to see what it looked like in winter. Quite a change:


The pool is losing all it’s water and you can now see the origins of the pool. It was originally a created by quarrying; probably for coal. The colours have changed with winter and even the tree I used to give my photograph a little depth has gone. A lot of the places I have photographed last year have changed and not just with the seasons.


The council have installed this low fence ‘to stop cars parking on the grass’. I have never seen a car on the grass only a council van, I assume they feed the ducks and geese when they aren’t admiring the view. I was told they weren’t council workers and they were fattening them up for Christmas! Maybe, the little fence is to keep duck and geese thieves off?


I suppose I can get a scenic shot from the end of the lake. I got as far as I could toward the end so I was shooting down the lake with a little of the tree in the foreground to give it depth. When I edited the picture, I added highlights, contrast and warmth; that made the picture a little darker and so I lightened it. I think it’s quite good for a winter scene.


In winter, when the light is poor I can always take photographs of buildings. This is a pub of course. The local people will know it’s the Gospel Oak pub just outside Wednesbury, otherwise known as Mother Shipton’s or Shippies. The canal in the header picture at the top of the page runs to here. I remember many years ago walking the tow path at lunchtime on Sunday to have a drinks in this pub before lunch.  The locals might not be familiar with the pool in the first picture which is the ‘Sanna’ in Morecroft Wood, near Moxley and the second pool or lake is along side of Woden Road South in Wednesbury. Art and Geography this week!

There are more amazing blogs on my Home Page. Be sure to read Black Country humour. Please comment, not everyone appreciates our humour! Read more about Mother Shipton here.

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23 responses

  1. so many changes in a year. Photos are a good record. Thanks for sharing Mike.

    10, January 2012 at 9:19 am

  2. Hi Myfanwy,

    The pool in the top picture has changed so much that for a moment I thought I had the wrong photo. The last picture got me thinking because we always called that pub, Mother Shiptons and I researched that and she didn;t come from around here but farther north and was said to prophesy the future; even the end of the world! they say she was a witch! 🙂

    10, January 2012 at 9:27 am

  3. You’re right, Mike, picture number two looks nothing like picture one, except they both are of lakes. Did you change the angle to include the tower in the background to heighten the starkness of the second photo?

    I like what you did with the colors in picture 4, the picture is more interesting.

    One of the many things I admire about your pictures, Mike, is they all seem to tell a story. Each of these pictures has a distinct personality. The second picture implies the story is more grim, perhaps to match the actual story of Sanna?

    10, January 2012 at 3:39 pm

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    The angle is different in the second picture. It was cold and I didn’t feel like walking around too much. There are usually people there fishing and walking around, it was deserted and cold! The pylon in that photo does make it look a little more dramatic and gives it a little depth too. The Sanna is named after the sanatorium where smallpox victims were isolated. I found the pub more interesting when I researched the local name for it. Mother Shipton was something of a prophet and a witch! There are a lot of stories associated with places that I photograph.

    10, January 2012 at 7:27 pm

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