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It was an interesting week though


It was an interesting week that started with The YamYam featuring my blog on their website. The YamYam is a local news site that aggregates other sites by linking to them. They provide a useful link to local news and sites of local interest. I managed to post a blog every day this week too; I forgot to click publish last Friday! I also had my hospital appointment.

The hospital appointment went quick and easy;

“How are you?”


“Come back in 6 months.”

He did say that if I have any problems to call his secretary.  Regular readers will know I was a finalist in the photographic competition and so I had a look to see if my photo was on display. It wasn’t, but while we were looking for it we came across the office for volunteers. They say never volunteer for anything but I’ve been in hospital and so I know how boring it is. I thought I might be able to do writing as therapy to give some patients something to do. There is a new scheme at the hospital for that sort of thing so I’ll look into it. They helped me and so it’s only fair I try to give something back. For the benefit of local YamYam readers it’s the Walsall Manor hospital. I live in Sandwell but I go over the border into foreign territory; if you’ve ever been to Sandwell hospital you’ll understand why.

After the hospital we went and took a few photographs, one of which is the river photograph above. That’s the River Tame running through Sandwell Valley, I mention that for YamYam readers. That’s near Forge Mill Farm, that is worth visiting on a Sunday afternoon; try their Cornish Ice Cream.

We also went shopping, it was supposed to be at Matalan at Walsall. I took the wrong turning when I left Forge Mill Farm and so ended up near West Bromwich and we then went through the rush hour traffic to Matalan at Bilston. I’ll write about the bargains I got there in my thrifty blog on Thursday. I nearly forgot I went to Lidl on Sunday and got a few things; I’ll include that in my thrifty blog too.

I’m thinking of taking photographs today, I need a picture of a duck to start off a blog this week. I do think about these blogs, do research and even take photographs especially for the blog. I didn’t research this one of course, I never do for my Sunday blogs. I write the first thing that comes into my head on a Sunday, so I can cook lunch and go out in the afternoon.

The good news this week is the shares I bought last year and wrote about went up in price. You may remember that I bought Premier Foods and Lloyds Banking Group. I bought Premier at 4p a share and they went to close to 6p so they were doing OK; Lloyds went down even more but came back this week to a little more than I paid for them. That seems encouraging but still a long way to go. I have been watching other companies but missed buying them, I hoped the prices would drop a little more and they went up!

Smile with tongue out

I’m still planning a new website and that will be coming soon. For Farmville addicts, I will be writing a new Farmville blog soon. I’m on level 800 today. I remember when the top level was level 70!

Smile with tongue out

There are more amazing blogs on my Home Page. If you have enjoyed this Sunday ramble, please click like, or vote or comment. I welcome suggestions too! I need people to share too with their friends on Facebook, Stumbleupon, etc. I hope you all have a good week…




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