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Blue Monday

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The excitement of Christmas and New Year is over and the reality of credit card bills and other nasties is upon us. To make matters worse the news is all doom and gloom; Nick Clegg is making a speech and payday seems a long way away. The weekend is over and it’s miserable Monday. Do not despair, look at the picture, I took that on the 6th of April last year and the daffodils were blooming, the blossom was on the trees and it was warm. I know it’s bloody freezing today, but April is only 3 months away. The glass is half full; not half empty!

It’s a bit nippy today, probably around freezing and my car is encased in ice; but it could be worse. I have a nice cup of tea and bikkies and I don’t have to go out in the cold. I did pop out to the recycling bin, we all have to do our bit for the environment. I don’t really have  a credit card bill to worry about, I was as thrifty and frugal as usual over Christmas. I’m cooking chicken stew today but after that I’ll check through accounts and see how well off I am; I want to buy myself a sat nav for my birthday!

Smile with tongue out

The London stock market went up last week and even Friday the 13th didn’t spook those city slicker traders. Then the S&P credit reference agency downgraded the credit ratings of half of Europe and that is now starting to sink in. There was also the cruise ship disaster. The Concordia hit rocks off the island of Giglio in the Mediterranean on Friday evening. Maybe the fact that this particular miserable Monday followed on from Friday the 13th made it worse for some people?

Perhaps, when thinking about the people affected by that disaster we should just think ourselves lucky, there but for the grace of God go I and all that. Disasters beyond our control can strike any one of us at any time; we have to be grateful when our luck holds out, especially on Blue Monday.

I saw a TV programme about the Great Barrier Reef last night, it’s being affected by climate change. Not everyone believes that climate change exists of course, well hardly surprising when scientists say in a few years we will be able to grow grapes in England and all run  vineyards. The weather in England is more unstable not warmer as a result of climate change. We do seem to be having a relatively mild winter though, so we have to be grateful; it was well below freezing this time last year. We had horrendous fuel bills as a result; we have to be grateful this year.


All this climate change stuff does make me wonder what things will be like in the future for future generations. I don’t have children or grand children but my brothers and sister do. I know you will be surprised to find that I’m a great great uncle, so was I! I do wonder what my great great nephews will face in 50 years time when I’ve fell off my perch and no longer have any worries. The way medical science is extending life expectancy, I could still be here; that doesn’t bear thinking about. I don’t take life too seriously, after all no one gets out alive …

Smile with tongue out

Anyway, lots to look forward to this year, the Diamond Jubilee celebrations comes first in June, now there’s an excuse for more than a few drinks. Then there is the Olympics, that has to be a good excuse to leave the country for an extended holiday; just until it’s all over. Before you know it, it’ll be Christmas shopping all over again!

There are more inspiring and amazing blogs on my Home Page. Cheer up, there’s only (roughly) 185 shopping days to Christmas.



2 responses

  1. bren

    good one Mike

    18, January 2012 at 2:59 am

  2. Hi Brendan,

    The weather forecast here says it will go up to 12C this afternoon, the snowdrops and daffodils could come early! 🙂

    18, January 2012 at 8:32 am

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