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Neodigital Art | Shadows and Reflections

Wolverhampton 091

To get a sunset, you obviously have to shoot into the sun and in this picture the foreground is a silhouette against the sky. Light is particles of pure energy called photons that bounce around everywhere when the sun is high in the sky; but here it’s low and setting.

Wolverhampton 062

If you’re a regular reader you will have seen photographs of this lake before, but I usually shoot from the other end of the lake. My usual shot would be west to east and so the sun is often behind me. This shot is in the south west direction and I was trying to get the birds in flight. You can see the water reflects a lot of light but close to the trees there is a shadow cast by the trees. The sun was low in the sky and so the light bounces off the water, if it had been mid summer  with the sun high in the sky there would have been a different effect.

Sunday around Walsall 086

This is the same lake or pool, the locals call it a pool and think it’s not big enough to be a lake! The camera was pointing south east and the sun was higher in the sky. You can tell it was summer by the colours and it was in fact July. The trees give a little shadow but that is also a reflection and colour the water green.


There is a lot of shadow in this picture despite the fact the sun was quite bright in June. The sun was south of the lake and to the left in the picture and so it casts a shadow. The camera also adjusts to the light and narrows the aperture. It makes the picture a little dark. I decided to edit it again and add brightness:


It now looks more like it did on the day. I did some shots with the light reflecting off the clouds and the reflections showing in the water. That is difficult to get because I had to have clouds in front of me and the sun behind me.

SUNDAY 1 026

Here you can see the light from the sun bouncing off the clouds to hit the water and then reflected again into my camera! There is a slight ripple on the water that makes the picture look like it’s a painting.  There is also the dark reflections of the trees.  I decided to edit that one again too and make it lighter:

SUNDAY 1 026

I hope you now appreciate shadows and reflections more and will experiment with editing. The final photographs were taken on a day when the light was really good and I went from location to location and took over 100 pictures. In winter I’m lucky to get one!

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14 responses

  1. Wow, amazing pictures, Mike! Thanks so much for doing a post on shadows. I loved the photos. The sunset picture is stunning. Did you edit that for the beautiful colours? Whenever I try to take sunset pictures, I can never seem to capture the colours accurately.

    I’m glad you pointed out the ripples in the pond. They really add to the effect. I seem to be drawn more to the darker pictures of the pond than the lighter pictures. The darker pictures seem warmer somehow.

    18, January 2012 at 7:44 pm

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    People seem to like those stunning red sunsets, I like more subtle and varied colours. I edited that one a little to bring out the colours and you can make boring sunsets quite stunning with editing.

    Some people like the pictures darker and some like them lighter. I am coming to the conclusion that where there are rich colours and a lot of light; they are better darker. I seem to be better making the pictures lighter to emphasise the Autumn colours, where they aren’t so clear. It’s good to experiment and put both on one page like this with a black background to compare the two.

    If you want an amazing sky try looking at sunrise rather than sunset; we get really good ones here. The best are probably in summer but I’m not getting up at 3 in the morning! I did get a great picture of the moon in the morning though.

    18, January 2012 at 8:00 pm

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