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I took the above the photograph and then converted it to look like a sketch with Fotosketcher. You can click the above link to go to the Fotosketcher website or click here and download it from also have a lot of other programs that are freeware to download. You can also get Smoothdraw a powerful picture editing and drawing program that works with a graphic tablet from

They also have many more free titles. I typed freeware into the search box and then selected Windows 7 from the menu and other programs that I have used came up like Ccleaner which is brilliant for fixing registry problems and generally cleaning up your computer. I have also use Teamviewer which allows you to get help over the net from someone with more experience on computers than you. My mate in Sydney, Australia helped me out using that! You can also search for Primopdf on the same site, that program allows you to make PDFs from just about any file and eBooks in PDF format. You can make a eBook complete with pictures using Word or Publisher.


Microsoft have loads of free downloads from browsers like Internet Explorer to free anti virus software like Microsoft security essentials. You can even get a trial of Microsoft Visual Studio professional if you fancy doing some programming. I use the free anti-virus software and find that is good.

Windows Live.

Windows Live Essentials is a suite of programs from Microsoft that include Windows Live instant messaging. I like the IM program and it works well. When a student in China wanted to show me her new coat a few weeks ago, she used her webcam and it worked fine, sound and pictures through Windows Live; although I do prefer just text! Also included is an email client, that I don’t use. Windows Live photo gallery, I use all the time for displaying photographs and for editing them.  I also use the Movie Maker sometimes. Windows Live Writer is a great program  for blogging and connects to WordPress or Blogger. I’m using it to write this and I can insert headline in H1, H2, H3 or H4 easily. I can set the font and size and it has a word count, spell checker, etc. I can also click post to draft or publish directly with one click.  I also set my categories and set tags, all in one program.  I also use Windows Skydrive that comes with using Live instant messaging; it allows you to share documents, music and pictures with your friends.


Google has lots of freebies. I use Google Chrome as a browser and find it’s fast and I also like being able to type in a search into the address bar. I just typed Google Chrome into my address bar and it found it, I clicked the link in search and it took me to the website. I was then able to minimise the browser and come back to Live writer and click hyperlink and the link was transferred from my browser to Live writer and so added with one click. You can also highlight a word on a webpage and right click and search for it in Chrome, it’s quick and easy. There is also Google Translate. Want to learn Chinese? 了解中国吧!It will even teach you pronunciation! There is also Google Maps which will give you directions and Streetview. Type in the post code (zip code) or address and it will give you directions. Click the ‘B’ icon at the destination for Streetview. Try the post code for the area I live in WS10!

Social Networks

The social networks also offer a lot of free stuff. You can join groups on LinkedIn for professionals and ask them questions in Q & A. You can keep in touch with family and friends on Facebook, share notes, information and photographs. On Myspace there are opportunities to promote your music. There are Ning sites for lots of specific interests. Google plus also allows networking. There is Klout to enhance how influential you are. Twitter allows you to communicate in short messages with links to your website, blog or pictures. I get links local news on Twitter, follow a few celebrities, follow my friends, follow news organisations, search for trending topics and it’s all done with Tweetdeck for Chrome. I have columns in Tweetdeck for different subjects that I follow.

You can also have an account with Yahoo and use their many services such as search, Yahoo Answers and my current favourite Yahoo Finance.

You can also visit many museums and art galleries for free, walk through and photograph nature reserves and parks, cycle through the countryside and breathe fresh air!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog; there are lots more on the Home Page. Please share with your friends on Facebook, tweet and share on Windows Live IM. You can also comment!


2 responses

  1. Wow, what a fabulous list of resources! I am bookmarking this post for future reference. So many free options for valuable software programs. Thank you for sharing these.

    I also like Chrome. I was using Firefox for a long time but it got too slow and bogged down with recent updates. I switched to Chrome because of my impatience with Firefox but now I’ve discovered many advantages to Chrome.

    Thanks for the primer, Mike!

    20, January 2012 at 1:43 pm

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I think most of these ideas are obvious if you have been on the internet a while but some might not be. I found out today that I can use Windows Live Writer with a self hosted blog; that is a big plus for me. I can my font right easier and fully justify my text. I think I’ll by web space and make a start next week! 🙂

    20, January 2012 at 2:47 pm

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