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How to be extraordinary

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When M. J. Webb, author of Jake West: The Keeper of the Stones went to talk to students about his first novel and one of them asked the question; can someone from an ordinary background become successful? Can the ordinary become extraordinary? The student was answered by  A. J. Hateley who was the book’s illustrator; she told the student that it’s not where you come from that counts; it’s where you are going!

Martin Webb is a local author and becoming better known locally in and around Walsall and is now on his third novel in the Jake West trilogy. He isn’t yet as famous as J. K. Rowling, but he is being compared to her by his readers; he has taken a few steps in the right direction.

If you want to be different, you have to try to become good at something; really good. You can settle for going to work everyday and then watching your favourite soap in the evening or you can decide to do something different like learn something new. There are lots of evening classes and online courses and education should be thought of as a lifelong pursuit; rather than something that ends when you leave school or university.

You can be proud of achieving something if you  can create something of value; it could be art, photography, writing, cooking; just something people will appreciate and enjoy. We need inspiration to drive us to be extraordinary, but inspiration comes along all the time. We have to recognise the events that can inspire us to achieve something different. It can be quite unexpected, you might shout ‘eureka’ as you get into the bath or have a flash of inspiration when hit on the head by a falling apple; it has been known.

A thought flashes through your mind for no apparent reason and you have an idea; you are inspired. How often do we have what seem like great ideas and we let them drift away rather than follow them to to creative conclusion? They say artists, writers and other creative people are attractive to the opposite sex; we are seen as more sensitive and empathic. That could be an added bonus to being creative!

Today is Chinese New Year and a good day to make a fresh start or at least think about it. I think it’s supposed to be lucky if you decide on a fresh start today; it’s probably lucky to make a fresh start on any day! Red is very lucky in Chinese tradition, red envelopes are lucky and Chinese children will receive those today with money enclosed. Red apples are also lucky! Traditions can be quite extraordinary because they begin with the extraordinary. Someone does something extraordinary and starts a tradition and it can continue long after they are gone, it can even continue for thousands of years.

Shakespeare wrote extraordinary plays and had extraordinary ideas; he created a phenomenon. He not only wrote plays, but put Stratford upon Avon on the map and people travel from around the world to his birthplace, even today. It is nearly 400 years since his death, but he is still regarded by many as the greatest poet and playwright of all time; he dared to do the extraordinary and be extraordinary.

What are you going to do extraordinary today? There are more amazing blogs on my Home Page. Please share with your online friends by clicking the share button, follow me on Twitter and I also really appreciate comments.



2 responses

  1. What an inspirational post, Mike! You’re right, so many people go through the motions in life and don’t try to be extraordinary. They might need inspiration, encouragement and ideas. This might be just the nudge some people need.

    I’m off to share this incredible post with others. Thanks for your inspiration, Mike!

    26, January 2012 at 3:18 am

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for sharing it on Twitter. I phoned about web space yesterday and no one answered the phone. I’m glad they didn’t I looked around and found a better company! This company installs WordPress for me and so sounds much better. I’m working on more categories now and even thinking of using my knowledge of technology! 🙂

    26, January 2012 at 8:47 am

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