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FarmVille | The Quest for level 1000


Level 900

OK, I was on level 900 and I had bought a few belted cows. In case you haven’t figured this trick out yet. I take the ‘move’ tool and move one of those ‘ready’ belted cows into my dairy and then it become ‘ready to harvest’. If I have 39 cows in the dairy and add one to harvest it; that’s 40 and I get 3000 coins for each one. That is 120,000 coins for each harvest (harvest with the multi tool). Now you know why I have a billion coins!

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At this level you need 100,000 XP to go up  a level. You can get 100,000 XP by spending 10 million coins. Level 1,000? No worries; I just spend a billion coins and go up 100 levels!

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This isn’t so easy, I’m running out of room for cows and running out of time! There are cows everywhere! I also have to do the other 3 farms besides Lighthouse Cove and I keep getting errors, pop ups and it refreshes every time I change farms! No wonder people are giving up FarmVille, some people are giving up all the games; I might join them.

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Level 1000 at last

I wonder how many of those damn cows I have now? I’m overrun with them! They cost a million coins each too; I probably have a billion coins worth of cows! I still have a bit of cash left too, 242 million and I have been swapping goods for fuel. I have over 31,000 lots of fuel; but I have had to stop buying some goods. I can only buy 100 lots in a day so I just buy those that cost more than 6,500 coins. I spend about 650,000 a day on goods. My neighbours seem to make goods, but they don’t buy many of mine?

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I have goods in my winery that are over level 100 and so get a price of over 10,000 coins. The same in the pub, but the restaurant in Lighthouse Cove and the sweet shop in the Winter Wonderland need to do better . I also have a bakery, that doesn’t do very good either. I shall have more goods on over level 100 soon. In the winery I have red wine on level 187, blackberry wine on level 93 and raspberry wine on level 81. The red wine was easy, red grapes take 24 hours and white, 12 hours. Doing raspberries means checking on crops after 2 hours and the storage capacity of 400 isn’t enough; it runs out! I have the same problem with the pub, hops take 10 hours and barley 12 hours. Now I am growing red currants over 4 hours to make Olivia berry beer that I have on level 53. What a stupid name for an English beer; why not something realistic like Old Speckled Hen? They really need me as a consultant.

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People are leaving Farmville to play other games and some are leaving the games altogether quoting errors and pop ups as part of their frustration. The boss of Zynga is one of the highest paid in the industry, if not the highest paid and they do seem arrogantly obsessed with money. Buy FarmVille cash? Nah, not while I’m still breathing …

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