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Love thy bike

The flashing neon lights of Las Vegas didn’t hold our attention for very long – something seemed to be missing? So we went in search of that something special and discovered ‘ The Valley of Fire’ Nevada’s oldest state park.  What a find!

Approximately 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas via Lake Mead and through intriguing desert terrain our camper van rumbled through the entrance of the ‘Valley of Fire’.  Almost immediately, on either side of road, we were welcomed by enormous crimson rocks clumped together like hot coals in a fireplace.  The desert had suddenly become a golden ember!

It wasn’t long before we had to stop the engine to admire the glow of the red rocks sitting against the crisp blue sky.  Curious Antelope ground squirrels scurried about our feet as we clambered in and around the rocks.  A small wedding was romantically taking place at a picnic spot and…

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