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The department of health recommends that we eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day. A portion is about 80 grams.Those grapes were 500 grams and more than enough for one day; but we need a variety. Food keeps going up in price and so it can be difficult to get your 5 a day unless you shop around. Imported fruit can be expensive. I had nectarines from Asda at Christmas but had to buy 8 for £4.00 or they were really expensive. I bought grapes for £1.99 at Lidl last week but this week did much better at Aldi. They were £1.25 but marked up as 30% off so I paid just 87p for enough fruit for an entire day!


I always check out the fruit and vegetables in Aldi and Lidl and although the choice isn’t always so good as the major supermarkets the prices are better. I also had the  6 conference pears for 99p and broccoli (350 g) for 38p; that was reduced by 30% too. The bananas and apples in the picture I had from Lidl last week. Both Lidl and Aldi sell Basa fillets and they are good for £1.99 in Aldi. We need the vitamins in the fruit and vegetables but we also need the vitamins and minerals in oily fish and so I bought a few tins of sardines in tomato sauce for 38p each.


I never have bean sprouts for my stir fry and so I picked up that jar of bean sprouts. The advantage with a jar is that they keep better; the disadvantage is that they make your stir fry a bit soggy. It was still yummy!

I have the soya milk to put on cornflakes because my diet is dairy free; that is cheaper than from the larger supermarkets at 65p. The tuna in brine was 49p and will be good on a salad. The beer is for celebrating my birthday; by the time you read this I expect those bottles will be in the recycling!

Smile with tongue out

The reason for the 5 portions of fruit and veg a day is you get a selection of vitamins and minerals and of course lots of lovely fibre. Salad will also count and tomatoes but not potatoes; way too much starch in potatoes. Potatoes are reasonably healthy though and good for you. You can use frozen or tinned fruit and vegetables and even a glass of fruit juice will count towards your 5 a day. I put frozen peas into my stir fry and so that counted as one portion. The bean sprouts would count as one too. I tend to have one or two portions of veg with a meal and eat less potatoes and then have fruit (fresh or canned) for dessert.

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