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Fish and chips

A leaflet dropped through my letterbox yesterday for a fish and chips shop. This is our national dish in Britain and the price was over five pounds! Ouch! My eggs, chips and peas cost about 60p! That’s a big difference, especially for a family with children. There is 20% VAT on fish and chips and they aren’t gluten free like my meal. Even the local bakery has recognised that many people now follow gluten free diets; shame the local supermarket doesn’t!

I think we have to cook if we want to keep food bills reasonable. When I was a child we had dessert after the main course; I hardly ever bother now, unless it’s fruit. The reason for the dessert when I was a child was so the main course could be smaller! Maybe it would be more economical and healthier to have one egg, chips and vegetables followed by rice pudding or cake and custard? I liked the latter, hated the former!

In the UK now it’s cold and winter is really here; it’s just about freezing outside now. My home is warm but I would like it a little warmer! The warm air from the radiators rises and goes upstairs and so it’s warm up there but not quite so warm in my kitchen. I leave the door open to the kitchen for a while so the cooler air from the kitchen goes into the hallway where the thermostat is, making it cut in! It doesn’t help much. The boiler cuts out on a boiler thermostat when it gets really hot. The only other thing I can do is go around the house and turn on more radiators to draw heat away from the boiler or stop so much heat escaping from the house. To help stop heat escaping, I close all the curtains when it gets dark. This saves a lot of energy and money! It will also keep your home cooler in hot weather. There is a tradition of closing curtains when someone dies and so it’s not advisable to close them during the day time. I left them closed during a period of sub zero temperatures when I was ill and people thought it was really serious!

Smile with tongue out


I’m planning to go to Aldi again this weekend. I tend to go when it’s quiet regardless of which supermarket it is. There aren’t as many reductions in Aldi at quiet times but if you have to go to a major supermarket like Tesco, Asda or Morrison’s; don’t be a sheep and go when everyone else goes! Be a lone wolf and go scavenging just before closing time; that’s when they reduce the fresh food to sell it off! The sort of goods that you’ll see reduced are fresh salmon, bread, cooked chicken (in Morrison’s) and even fruit and veg.

I like fish but it’s expensive and so I checked out the prices on a few websites. I find Morrison’s has the best selection and quality. Aldi has the best price for cod this week and also on my shopping list is grapes; they were a great price last time. I paid less than £1 for 500 grams. I also need soya milk and that’s a good price at Aldi. OK, I admit it; I’m really going for that beer at 99p for 500ml!

Smile with tongue out

I have just had a conversation with my neighbour who asked if I need anything because she is going to Aldi and Asda. Neither of us is short of money but we still try to save money! Snow is forecast again and so we are getting shopping earlier than usual just in case!

In all kinds of markets, prices tend to be governed by supply and demand. If something is in short supply or demand outstrips supply; prices go up! Demand in the supermarkets now will be high as people stock up before the snow; during the snow storm there might be a few bargains for those brave enough to trudge through the snow! I like a bargain, but I’ll stay in the warm!

I can’t mention markets without checking the stock market and the shares I mentioned in previous blogs are still going up!


I just came across the advice from a Minister in France that homeless people should stay in doors during the cold spell. Yes, stay at home; you homeless ones..

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