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The potential of Facebook Timeline


I cropped the above picture to make it suitable as a cover on my Facebook Timeline. If you want a Timeline that looks good, I think photos are essential and most people have a digital camera. Windows live Photo Gallery is good for editing and free. It seems that Facebook is a better site for dating than the dating sites now and so a good Timeline can even improve your love life!

What does my picture say about me? That I like photography and nature? Our Timeline sends out a message to friends and even potential lovers. Even potential employers unless you keep your Timeline private. Your Timeline is also like a resume and documents much of your history. You can hide things on your Timeline though or even delete them. You would be better not posting the details of last nights drunken orgy in the first place though. It could impact on your potential as a lover or as a prospective employee.

The Timeline sends out  a message. Is your Timeline sending out the message you want? Your Timeline needs to be interesting and tell the world what you are interested in. Are your interests pop music and television? Perhaps, you could acquire some interests that are a little more impressive. You could start reading books?

You also have to be careful who you add as friends. We are often judged not only on our own believes and behaviour but that of our friends. Even our family can let us down although we don’t pick them as we do our friends. You can make your Timeline only available to friends and family but having it public shows you have nothing to hide and allows you to promote yourself a little.

If you have your Timeline public you shouldn’t tell everyone everything about yourself. You shouldn’t mention trips you have planned that will leave your home empty and vulnerable while you’re away for example. You should also delete anything potentially embarrassing your friends add to your Timeline. Treat your Timeline like it’s your showcase that the world can see and see your past and present. It can help with relationships but can also be potentially embarrassing if you get it wrong.

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