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There was a little snow overnight and icy roads. It seemed to be melting, that’s the last thing I wanted because I have an hospital appointment this week. As usual on a Sunday, I’m writing today’s blog while I cook lunch. The high pressure brought snow but also sunshine and so I intend to go out and take a few photographs this afternoon. This is my second blog of the day. The first blog was about the super food that slows aging; silkie chicken! I get a lot of enquiries about silkie chickens!

I posted that blog on my new website; A Zillion Ideas. I’m building up to a zillion ideas, slowly. I will write some blogs with useful tips not just on slowing down  ageing but tips on how to clean stainless steel with white vinegar; how to get sticky stuff and sticky labels off your new kitchen units; stuff like that. If you have any useful tips or ideas please comment and share them with the world on a Zillion Ideas. com!

I’m amazed sometimes how amateurs can be so professional and professionals can be so amateur. I read blogs a lot and some bloggers write like professionals and amateur photographers produce really good photos. Professional photographers often overdo the use of Photoshop and professional writers think they can get away with all sorts of garbage. I read about finance a lot and today it was about the Chinese saving an  average of 47% of their income. I forget where this was first published, I think it was a survey. Then lots of writers take that scrap of information and turn it into a 1,000 word article. I chat to students in China and they give me a lot more information. For example did you know that despite much lower incomes in China that eggs are more expensive. Soya sauce and 5 spice is a lot cheaper there though. You do need to know what you are on about to write a blog every day, but most professional writers only have to write one or two a week and most of that is opinion rather than researched facts. A lot of articles and blogs on the internet are written by freelance writers, many working in low wage countries and that can mean poor content on websites. I read one the other day that was about 200 words and full of errors. I do get errors in my blogs, there is no editor to check them. I do everything, I edit, do the technical stuff, optimize the blog for search engines and do the publicity. Some sites have a staff of 50 to do all that and still don’t get it right. I think I do quite well and I am doing 2 blogs now.

I also do the photography for my blogs rather than relying on a photographer or commons licence photographs. I don’t always use my own photos but 99% of the time they are mine. I hope to take a few more this afternoon. That is why my Sunday blogs aren’t researched and are just a ramble through my thoughts!

It helps to make notes even if it’s only an idea for a blog. I have a note book with a list of titles for forthcoming blogs; the hardest part, quite often is a title and the first sentence. Many of my readers are also writers and bloggers and will understand how hard it can be sometimes just to have an idea, inspiration and even then you have to find the words to express what you want to convey to readers. When you have a finished blog, complete with photo, you have to go through it with a fine tooth comb looking for errors. There will be plenty in this one!

There are more amazing blogs on my Home Page. Please comment and share your thoughts on blogging, writing or anything else.



11 responses

  1. One thing I know from what your describing in your post; its all about the passion behind the writing. I think the images you have taken add a nice touch to your posts, i have yet to add photographs or images to my posts but hope to to at some point to make my posts a bit more colourful like yours. Another good point in your post is always to go back to look through posts and check for spellings and errors, totally agree. On that note I have sometimes have gone back to shorten posts too. Have a good Sunday dinner 🙂

    19, February 2012 at 2:32 pm

  2. Keep the blogs going Mike. I like the humour, and the freebies you dig out.

    good luck with your hospital appointment!

    19, February 2012 at 7:43 pm

  3. Hi Brendan

    I’ve been finding it hard to write humour. I think it must be the winter. the hospital appointment should go OK, if the blood test was positive they would have called me. I’m alive, that’s always a good sign! I am hoping my new website will be popular, I am still trying to get it right!

    19, February 2012 at 8:17 pm

  4. Hello Mike! Thank you for visiting my blog and pingbacking although to be honest I’ve no clue what that actually means in the cyber world.
    For me it meant find ing your blog!

    I think I will look forward to getting to know you through your writing and looks like I am likely to find all kinds of info relative to my life. I like your idea about slowing aging.
    As some one who has been living with an auto0immune disease for almost half my life I find that anything that makes sense to me is a good thing. Your blog makes a lot of sense to me. I am grateful for writers like you.

    Best of wishes for a positive out come for your hosipital appointmet. I can read your subtle anxiety in your words.

    Grace~ Barefoot Baroness

    20, February 2012 at 10:53 pm

  5. Hi Grace,

    The pingback is simply a link to your blog at the beginning of comments. WordPress suggests pingbacks and I use them if they are appropriate. I am familiar with autoimmune disease. I have celiac disease and today I will get the results of a blood test. One test is a the ANA test, antinuclear antibody test and there is another very similar test. I expect the one to be positive and the other to be negative so there will be no definitive diagnosis again. That could be the story of my life!

    To be honest ‘m more concerned with parking the car than the consultation. It will be dark and freezing; probably well below freezing. I should have a photograph on display in the hospital and so I hope to find that. It will give us something else to talk about!

    Thanks for the comment, I hope you come back. I write on a variety of topics. Today it Neodigital Art and photography!

    21, February 2012 at 9:19 am

  6. Hi Mike, Thank you kind sir for ansering my question. You were the only one to pick that out of any comments conatining a question too about pingbacks. I get it now. Albeit I have no clue how.

    I hear you about parking at any appointment that is regarding the medical community. I live in a very small town again but when I lived Seattle Washington I would pack a back pack for the day. Carry a cane for the trek.

    I am vert familiae with Celiac disease. My nephew in fact just last year was kept out every branch of the service because of his Celiac disease. Despite tha it is very well managed by diet. I suppose the diet may have ben part of the issue. But…still…

    I am also vert personally aware of the ANA blood test. I had jaw implants bi-laterally in 1986 because I had bone on bone in my upper and lower jaw joints. The FDA recalled the implants in 1990. Mine were tried to be removed in 1991. Because mine had fragmented so severly by the time of the recall I have been poisioned by Teflon & Silastic. The two basis comppsitions of the implants. This set up a Giant Cell Reaction and rejection. (more on my blog)
    I’m also convinced this is what triggered the Fibromyalgia gene.
    I have been tested over and over for Lupus as well as for over 10 yrs have all the symptomology for it but thankfully those tests remain negative.

    I point all this out only so that you may see that I am able to relate in many ways. For whats worth.

    Please keep us posted with how you are doing. I’m holding my breath for those next photo images you speak. Seriously . : )

    21, February 2012 at 9:39 am

  7. Hi,

    Glad to help. You have had as many or more problems than me. I think I have been tested for lupus but it’s hard to get definitive results of blood tests and so I expect one to be negative today. I only have to drive 3 miles to the hospital but I’m expecting the traffic to be horrendous at the end of the rush hour and then I have to get a ticket from a machine to park, etc. I’m just hoping it will warm up a little before then!

    21, February 2012 at 9:55 am

    • Well good luck to you. My brain and heart always go a bit daffy when I know someone is going though the waiting game for test results.

      Please stay in tocuh and I will watch for new posts.

      21, February 2012 at 10:11 am

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