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International Friends


Sunday afternoon photography

I took this photograph yesterday afternoon, we tend to go out on a Sunday because the roads are quiet; in theory. Yesterday, I got caught in a traffic jam and again trying to come back because of road works. I can share this information using my blogs and when I got back yesterday, I edited the photos and shared the best on Facebook with friends around the world. To make friends on an international scale you do have to find common interests.

I find I have a lot in common with the writers I know around the world but most people are curious and so want to read about where I live and look at the photos. With the interactive nature of much of the internet now people around the world can comment on what they read and see and click ‘like’. This is sharing our cultures and ideas, making the world more interesting and culturally richer.

Besides posting photographs on Facebook and writing blogs, I can also chat ‘live’ on Windows Live instant messaging and post short messages with links on Twitter. When I post this blog links will also go on Facebook and Twitter automatically and I can post a link to Windows Live too.

Unfortunately, my friends in China can’t use Facebook and can’t access WordPress blogs now either but if I post a link to Windows Live that leads to a copy of the post on my self hosted blog A Zillion Ideas; they can read that. I think most other countries can access Facebook but there are language barriers. The barriers, which are both culture and language are being broken down. Even Farmville helps to break down barriers. My Farmville neighbours live in so many different countries and cultures, we could form a United Nations committee between us!

My International friends on the internet are also all different ages, there doesn’t appear to be age, race or class discrimination. I do have friends on the internet who are aristocratic! The age range is 15 years old to 70 years old and so that doesn’t appear to be a problem. I think I have talked to people on every continent now, except maybe Antarctic.

Facebook seems to be improving with the new Timeline that charts your Facebook history. You can make it really good by adding photos and you can share them for free, it’s much cheaper than printing them out. I have heard a rumour that Facebook have some other new features coming soon, with improved ‘feed’ and a better instant messaging feature. I would like the Windows live IM program to be more integrated with Facebook. It would need a section for Facebook friends and a show offline to all Facebook friends feature or I would be chatting all day to friends!

Making International friends isn’t for the racist amongst us, but there are racists on Facebook who have their small and perhaps pathetic circle of friends. I think it’s more fun to have international friends. I think computing and the internet has gone too much towards entertainment and away from the learning process that was involved 20 or 30 years ago. I think if Zinga could make a game that was more educational while also being entertaining that would be a good thing. Especially if they could make it run error free!

So what do you think, is the world getting to be a smaller place for you? Do you have lots of international friends? Are you an international person or do you think more in terms of what is happening in your own back yard? Do you meet your online friends or are they just online? Please comment and share your experiences and views! Thanks for reading…

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3 responses

  1. I like the way the new Facebook timeline thing works too. I can look back and see stuff I posted years ago now, instead of manually having to scroll back until the page freezes. Pity Myspace has gone the other way, meaning many of my old stuff on there is lost in cyberspace forever.


    20, February 2012 at 10:27 pm

  2. Hi Nick,

    I think Timeline is good for promoting your blog too and I hope they will roll it out onto fan pages soon. I want a fan page for my new blog! It does suit photography well.

    21, February 2012 at 9:09 am

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