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I described this building in yesterday’s blog as a church. It does look like a church! I zoomed in on that coat of arms over the door, it says Tipton free library. Oops, it’s a library. It doesn’t appear to be in use, though. That would be a shame for such an amazing building not to be used. That is typical of Victorian architecture, even though it was built at the beginning of the 20th century.

My new website and blog isn’t getting many visitors yet but I am posting blogs on there; mostly the same ones as on this blog, but I will do some different ones. If you have nothing better to do pop over to A Zillion Ideas and subscribe. I must get the email for that site working.

Facebook and Twitter

It takes publicity to make a site successful and so I will have a Twitter account and a Facebook page for it when I get around to it. I hope they do Timelines for fan pages on Facebook soon, that would be cool with lots of photos on a fan page!


When there is good news share prices go up and when there is panic they go down. I want my shares to go up and the ones I want to buy to go down so I can get them cheaply. So far on this blog I have written about buying Premier Foods at 4p and they are 12p at the time of writing and Lloyds Banking Group and they are currently at 35.7 and I bought at just under 30p. I’m doing OK so far and the finance writers who keep saying gold is a bubble have been wrong so far too. I am still doing well and getting around 6% on the money I put into Zopa too. Life’s not too bad if you don’t weaken!


Money is useful of course but health is more important. I went to hospital yesterday for an appointment and was diagnosed with yet another exotic condition. This explains my lack of concentration today. The doctor told the nurse to look after me because I’m a ‘well known writer’. She only had to take my blood pressure but did show some concern when it was higher than usual. It is the driving and parking that sends my blood pressure up. I nearly hit the pavement in the dark driving back. Some idiot blinded me with full beam headlights and the local council had extended the pavement out into the road for some reason best known to the local village idiot. Pavements jutting out to slow traffic are dangerous and I’m surprised they don’t cause more accidents. I have driven over one and I was lucky not to damage my car. Rant over…


My horoscope today tells me ‘enough is enough’ and not to try to improve something that can’t be improved. Perhaps, I should stop thinking about my health and just take the damn pills? The pills are actually for malaria, which I don’t have but they seem to work anyway. Strange but true…


The weather seems to have improved it’s warmer. I get my horoscope with an emailed weather forecast. It’s forecast 14C for tomorrow; that’s warm for February. That’s 58F, we could be heading for an early Spring!

Instant messaging

I talked to a student in China this morning. We discussed the differences in the politics of our two countries and the difference in living standards. Many things are cheaper in China but there is little in the way of welfare and so they have to save nearly half their incomes in case of sickness, unemployment and old age. There appears to be lots of employment though. There should be lots of jobs in the UK, but there isn’t. Jobs go to immigrants and get exported to low wage economies. I think we do need to do more to control immigration because we have unemployment, a housing shortage and we are only an island that is overcrowded. In China they are only allowing people to have one child in an attempt to control population. We should think about population control too.

That’s enough for a mid week ramble, my horoscope said I need to recognise when ‘enough is enough’. There are more amazing blogs on the Home Page. I shall be doing thrifty ideas tomorrow! Please share with your friends and comment!



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  1. You know, I think you’re even more eclectic than I am, Mike! I like that…I’ll take a walk over to your other site and see what you’re up to over there:-) Debra

    22, February 2012 at 11:32 pm

  2. Hi Debra,

    I was in a funny mood today. Nearly midnight in England, time to sleep.

    Thanks for the comment.

    22, February 2012 at 11:55 pm

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