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Another interesting week



If you read my blog last Sunday, you’ll know I had a hospital appointment. It’s only three miles  to the Manor hospital. Over the humps, past a few mini roundabouts, then negotiate a wide main road that they have made  narrower with traffic calming measures. There is even a bus stop out in the road. Arriving at the hospital I drove as close to the car park ticket machine as I could and going over the first hump leaned out to press the button. Grabbing my ticket, I went over more humps through the barrier, which had by now lifted and through the maze of a car park to park close to the machine where you actually pay. 

You have to keep that ticket because you need it to pay later. The cost of my little drive to hospital is about a pound ($1.60) in petrol. For the benefit of my American readers, gasoline has just gone up again to about $10 a gallon; except it comes in litres! The parking costs a pound every 30 minutes and I  made good time; only 5 minutes to go to my appointment.

I got there and checked in and saw one of the photos on the wall from the competition. You may remember I was in the finals of that competition and so I wondered where my photograph was. The doctor started his clinic after about 15 minutes and we talked about my writing, photography and blogging. I was curious about the results of my blood test and whether I would be around to see next Christmas or not and so I changed the subject. I’ll order a turkey…

The doctor told the nurse to look after  me because I’m a well known writer; that as nice. She took my blood pressure and was a little concerned that it was higher than it usually is. I explained about the parking and the fact I don’t like appointments. I don’t like commitment. I was suppose to give a urine sample, that could have been even more interesting, but I went before I went out…

I checked the time and I had been there just 30 minutes; I was into my second pounds worth of parking. I thought, I might as well make the most of it. I went in search of my photograph; I did find about 6 of them but not mine. I’ve had enough! I left the hospital, leaving my sample bottle; at least I remembered my hat and coat this time…

I went to the car park and put my ticket in the machine; as I suspected it asked for two pounds. I got my camera and took a few night photographs of the hospital; I’d paid for the damn time on the car park, I’ll use a bit more. Then it was on to the barrier to put my ticket into yet another machine to raise the barrier to get out of there. Then it happened. It had messed me about, sent my blood pressure up, sent me over humps and around a maze. Now for the ultimate insult. The machine said, “Have a nice day.” I nearly beat it to death with my can of de-icer. 

This blog was supposed to be about my week. I only got up to Tuesday. I’ll tell you about my photography outings next time. One of the Chinese students I talk to enquired about coming to  London for the 2012 Olympics as a volunteer. They sent her an advert for camping!  The other student is taking her driving test tomorrow; I hope parking isn’t included…

I’m off out again this afternoon, taking photographs; into foreign territory. I might head just over the border into Birmingham (England not Alabama).

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