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Room 101


Room 101

If you’re not familiar with Room 101, it’s a television programme and celebrities vanquish all the things they dislike or  hate to Room 101. My fellow bloggers will like this idea because they too can write Room 101 blogs and tell the world their dislikes and hates. This is probably better than writing a bucket list of things you want to do before you kick it…

Traffic Calming

I’m British and so traffic calming had to be on my hate list. This is done by a private company near where I live. You can see the standard of their work in the photograph. That dog’s hind leg shaped chicane is an extreme example I suppose but it comes right after a couple of mini roundabouts and before a narrow 18th century bridge. Those white signs as bus stops, thrown in for good measure. I agree buses have to stop near the school. They stop around the corner where there is a wide road and they don’t cause an obstruction. These things slow traffic down and you get a constant stream of traffic and it’s hard then to cross the road. What do they do then? They have a crossing with someone who pops out in the road and stops traffic for the kids to cross every 2 minutes. On really busy roads they put in traffic lights that keeps stopping traffic and makes for tail backs a mile long. You can see from the shape of the barrier in the picture that these measures do stop accidents; they don’t cause them! Incidentally, the pavement juts out even worse farther up the road and people have hit that in the dark.

Politically Correctness

Yes, I also want to consign political correctness to Room 101. You know the sort of thing. Those officious little morons who tell you the rules and appear to have no common sense. The rules that say you need to go on a course to change a light bulb. They put six foot high climbing frames in playgrounds and skate board things and then decide there could be an accident. The fear of getting sued then results in obscenely expensive insurance and requirements for rubber matting under the climbing frame and special suits and helmets for the skate boarders. If you extend your home and it’s an centimetre too big they tell you to tear down the extension. They tell people what to think and they think in buzz words and acronyms. Most of these morons tend to have fairly left wing political views and are oh so, understanding. Then you get the ones with right wing political views who want a robust, self reliant approach to everything. The left wingers will spend a fortune making a school so very trendy with language laboratories and media study centres. They turn the library into a multi media centre and call it the MMC. The High school become a collegiate with different blocks for different disciples. The right wingers of course want private enterprise to fund new schools and above all else, discipline. They want a robust return to basics; morning assembly and hymn singing.


No, I’m not going to consign all sport to Room 101, just the ones that involve running around in shorts. I don’t mind sensible sports like formula one and horse racing. I do want the Olympics vanquished to Room 101 though. I can’t think of one sensible Olympics event. It costs a fortune for people to run around getting all hot and sweaty. For what? I bet the medals aren’t real gold. If they are, who pays for them? Watching athletics is like watching paint dry. We have the Olympics in London this year. I suppose some sports like Tae Kwon Do can be useful. I find it hard to see the point of running 26 miles, so they can see who does it fastest. Tables tennis although more skilled seems pointless too. I suppose bragging that you were ping pong champion at the Olympics might impress a few of that officious little bureaucrats down the council when you go to pay your rent, but I fail to see any other use for it. I would ban football too, you can’t get more stupid than kicking a bag of wind around a field for 90 minutes. They have women playing it at the Olympics!  I suppose archery and shooting could be useful, especially if we are involved in another war. How many of these crack shots are out in Afghanistan making use of their skills though?

There are also trivial things that could be vanquished to Room 101. I would put false eyelashes on this list, designer stubble, garden weeds, graffiti, stupid people, acronyms, buzz words, computer viruses, banker’s bonuses, manilla envelopes, cows milk and traffic jams.

I could have made that list a bit longer, but I don’t have all day.  What would you vanquish to Room 101? Please use the comment box to share your pet hates!

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