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Leap Day 2012

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29th February

It’s the 29th of February and Leap Day, when young ladies are allowed to propose marriage in Britain. It seems this custom isn’t just confined to Britain. In Finland any guy refusing a proposal today must buy the lady in question the fabric to make a new skirt. In Denmark the price of refusing a proposal is 12 pairs of gloves, but they have their leap day on a different day. In other countries the price of refusing a proposal appears to vary from a kiss to a silk gown. In some cultures, it seems the women wear a scarlet petticoat, as some kind of warning!

People whose birthdays are today are called leaplings or leapers and only have a proper birthday every four years. I knew a leapling when I was a child, she was having her second birthday. It  could have been her third birthday, it’s hard to remember. She would have had a birthday when she was 3 years old and every fourth year after that. I even remember her name, it was Barbara Parkes. Imagine if she typed her name into Google search and found my blog now! She could be a grand mother now…

My bank is doing a special offer on share dealing fees today in the hope customers will buy shares on the stock market. I might just take them up on that and save a few quid. I can buy international but I won’t; I’ll stick to the London Stock Market. They should make those fees lower and open up international markets. The offer is only for 2 hours on the LSE, but all day on International trades. The share price I’m watching is going down which is good and the ones I own are going up a little; also good. I mentioned buying some shares to my brother at the weekend, he strongly advised against. Those shares have been going up ever since, about 40% so far this week; 23% today. There is a lesson to be learned there somewhere! Too late to worry about that now…

If I buy shares today, I will be writing about it; probably at the weekend or maybe on Friday. If you live frugally, you can invest for the future. I read yesterday that some rich person said that was the secret to becoming rich; either that or inherit a fortune! I also read that rich people are less honest than poorer people and more likely to cheat. That’s a surprise!

Leaplings have to celebrate their birthdays on March the first in Britain when it isn’t a leap year and that is their ‘official’ birthday. Someone who is 17 years old next year will have to wait an extra day to use their driving licence!

Anyway, if you are a leapling or leaper, “Happy Birthday”  may all your birthdays, few as they are, be happy ones.

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2 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Interesting topic! A lot of stores here in the US are having sales today. Not a problem finding an excuse for a sale here!

    I wonder how many gents accept marriage proposals because they don’t want to have to pay.

    Happy Leap Day, Mike!

    29, February 2012 at 5:48 pm

    • I have never heard of anyone actually being proposed to, but many live in hope! The cost of a wedding now, I could organise budget weddings and make a fortune here. I did more or less organise one once; I had a lot to do with it anyway!

      29, February 2012 at 5:56 pm

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