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Pinterest | Sharing more than just pictures


The urls of a website is the Uniform Resource Locator; this is usually a web page but can be a file or a picture. I have used the URL of the picture above to share it with other users on Pinterest. I own the copyright, but if I didn’t would it be a breach of copyright? I’m not copying the picture, just using it’s url. The picture has been downloaded to your computer from a WordPress server, via Pinterest are you in breach of copyright for downloading this web page and the picture to your hard drive?

This is effectively what Pinterest does. It shows pictures by linking to the url of the picture just as I have for my picture above. I have made some categories on Pinterest for things that interest me. My favourite places and spaces features photos I’ve taken locally. Holiday Options links to photos of places I might consider for a holiday; although I wouldn’t seriously consider Greece. It looked nice though. I would seriously consider Stratford upon Avon for a photographic holiday. For The Home is a category for things I might buy for my home.  I added a French kitchen and you can click that picture to go to the website and look at more French kitchens and read the blog. I also added a china bowl that they sell in Matalan. I bought china mugs from there and would like the bowls. My Style also features a few things I might buy from Matalan, including a straw hat for the summer. When I’m shopping online, I can click the ‘Pin It’ link on my browser tool bar and share what I see with Pinterest readers and browsers. I can even share what I eat and cook because I have a category for food!

I can’t see website owners objecting to photos being shared on Pinterest because there is a link to the website. I’m not sure whether search engine bots would follow these links, but I think they will and so they improve search engine optimisation. I don’t see a ‘no follow’ in the code and so I assume this will improve search. People will also click the pictures and visit the websites and so it’s a subtle form of advertising and publicity.

Why not visit my Pinterest for yourself and see how it’s progressing? There are more amazing blogs on the Home Page. Please do comment and share if you enjoyed this blog.



4 responses

  1. Mike, I think reposting a publicly available picture falls under fair use. Were it not yours, it would be polite to credit it to the owner.

    3, March 2012 at 6:14 pm

    • Hi,

      Yes, I should have mentioned fair use and crediting pictures. I think what is fair use is open to debate. I don’t mind my pictures used as long as there is a link back and it’s not for commercial reasons. I think even a link where the reader double clicks a pictures is enough. My pictures are already being re-pinned on Pinterest and i am getting free publicity. Even the lawyers are confused about copy right now.

      Thanks for the comment.

      3, March 2012 at 6:33 pm

  2. Hi Mike, I’m so glad you’re on Pinterest now. I look forward to sharing your pictures there. What a great way of letting the world know about your new site.

    Might I suggest a Before and After board for you showcasing your NeoDigital Art edits? Pinterest seems to be such a great fit for your talents. Okay, I’m off to follow you.

    3, March 2012 at 6:42 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I can do much more when Spring arrives. I want to do a before and after to show the effect of direct light into the camera lens. I might do that this week. I could share the pictures on Pinterest!

      3, March 2012 at 6:50 pm

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