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Neodigital Art | Light on the lens


Looking for depth

I set the camera on landscape for this shot which gives a narrow aperture and some depth of field. The shot in is focus and there are a lot of interesting colours. I couldn’t get anything in the foreground though to give the shot depth. I have edited and made the photograph darker to get the colours right.


I think including the tree in this shot gives it a lot of depth. There isn’t quite so much variation of colour in this picture but the bright sunlight reflecting off the trees makes for an interesting picture. Note that the lighter colours reflect more light.

Light on the lens

Original picture

This picture demonstrates the hazy look when there is light directly into the lens. You can see where the sun was from the shadows and it was to the right. It’s a nice shot spoiled by litter and graffiti. In fact money has been spent provided moorings and fancy canal side benches, a wide tow path and the bridges have been restored. It’s obviously not appreciated by some people.


The picture has been improved here with highlights and more contrast but we can still see a few ‘orbs’.

Away from the sun


I have taken this shot lots of times but every time it comes out differently. This shot is different because of the light and the wind giving the surface of the water a textured look. This picture needed minimal editing. The light reflects well off the lighter colours and contrasts with the foreground well. The trees in the foreground give the picture, lots of depth. The only thing I don’t like is the orange traffic cone that some moron has thrown in the water!


I tend to think the grass in this picture is too green but I looked carefully yesterday and it is very green. This is the River Tame and on old maps this is described as the Mill Race because there was a water mill a little farther down the river that powered a forge. The lake in the picture above has the river running along side it and so I was wondering if that acted as a mill pond in the 19th century providing a store of water for the mill. When we go out we learn about history, local geography, industrial heritage around the canals and even geology in places as we come across volcanic rock and even fossils.

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4 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Love the pictures! From the bottom up, the canal picture with the green grass is very interesting. Does the canal give the picture depth? It seems to, to my amateur eye. I also like the very green grass.

    The one above that picture has depth not only with the trees in the foreground but with the different light near versus far. It’s almost as if we were looking through the camera lens with you. (Shame about the traffic cone.)

    With the graffiti pictures, what did you do to improve the lower one? The colors seem richer so it seems you did more than darken the second one.

    Of the top two, I like the greater contrast of the colours of the trees, though I can see where depth is missing with the top one.

    Fascinating lesson this week. Thanks so much!

    6, March 2012 at 12:05 pm

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    The last picture is the River Tame, it’s not much of a river but the only one we have! It has been canalised in lots of places but I think that is original. The bridge picture was improved by adding highlights but most of all by adding contrast. It tends to take the tiny white spots out. Whenever something is going away from you like a road, river, canal or railways it gives depth. I watch for patterns too, they add lots to a photograph.

    That top picture would have been great with more depth, maybe I’ll park close to a tree next time! There can be a lot of walking when we’re out taking photos. My young friend wanted to go to Merrion’s Wood, which is great in summer but involves a lot of walking!

    Thanks for the visit; I posted this on and that blog is improving now.

    6, March 2012 at 12:19 pm

  3. You have a very good eye! Your ability to critique the photos in the first place outweighs my abilities. You challenge me to be more purposeful in my own editing! Debra

    6, March 2012 at 1:24 pm

  4. Hi Debra,

    I think I’m getting better considering I didn’t even have a camera before 2008. I do tend to keep going back to the same places to get a better shot! My friend always wants to go somewhere new. I do have problems with directions now and tend not to know which direction the sun is if it’s cloudy! I do tend to remember bad shots and want to go back and do them again. We went to Red House park and it was dark and dismal and started to rain and so that’s on my list for Spring or summer because the trees will be really spectacular then.

    Thanks for visiting and the comment. Good luck with editing.

    6, March 2012 at 2:31 pm

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