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Spring is nearly here!



This photo was taken at the beginning of April last year and shows the daffodils. I went to the same place yesterday and the daffodils have begun to spring up. Last year it was really warm in April, warmer than it was in the summer and so maybe we will get similar weather this year!

In England, we do talk about the weather a lot and although it’s a temperate climate, it can change a lot. I think we are lucky not to have extremes of temperature. We don’t have earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and other extreme freaks of nature very often either.

I tend to forget I have readers around the world sometimes. WordPress has changed the statistics for blogs and I now get information on the countries that my readers are in. Today, I have readers in ten different countries from the United States to Australia!

Regular readers will know I write about anything that comes to mind, including finance and psychology. I do talk to people around the world, in fact this blog will be posted late because I was talking to someone in China using Google translate to translate some sentences! We have so many tools now on the internet to help us communicate and even become famous! I have started another blog on and hope to develop a zillion ideas and more on there over the coming days, weeks, months and years! Today, I wrote a blog about becoming famous on the Internet! Perhaps you would like to click the link and pop over there; do please comment while you’re there. I need all the encouragement I can get!

The sun is shining in England now and it’s much warmer. Is this another false start or is this Spring? I trust the daffodils, I think Spring has arrived early!

Tomorrow’s blog will be a Neodigital Art blog and I hope to give a few more photographic tips and delve into trying to make sense of apertures and speed settings on digital cameras. I might even mention art and photographic exhibitions and competitions.

Please comment, share and subscribe. There are more amazing blogs on the Home Page and don’t forget my new site http://azillion



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  1. I, too, find the way we can connect all over the world truly amazing…and time consuming! It’s a challenge to always stop and remember to encourage one another in the process, but you’ve provided a good reminder today! I will pop on over and see what you’re doing on your other blog! I enjoy your varied topics. Here’s to an early spring! Debra

    12, March 2012 at 6:09 pm

    • Hi Debra,

      I know what you mean about time consuming. I find it’s worth it though. I’m in bed and someone in California still wants to talk to me! 🙂

      12, March 2012 at 10:44 pm

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