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Birthday Cake

Imagine for a moment that you have been invited to a birthday party and when you turn up someone has already eaten half the birthday cake! The greedy  and overweight perpetrator excuses his behaviour, by saying that he invested in the farm, that grew the wheat, that made the flour, that the baker used to make the cake! He was entitled to a bigger slice! This is the sort of excuse the greedy always come out with. Those who believe in the religion of avarice seem to know no shame!

The 7 deadly Sins

The currently recognized version of the 7 deadly sins are usually given as wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. They all seem to go together, don’t they? I see the wrath of corporate and political Britain as they see their bigger than  average share of the cake get smaller and they blame the slothful and idle people who claim Jobseeker Allowance and other benefits as they sit at home all day. What do they do all day? Sit around watching television? Why can’t they get jobs and sit around all day watching a computer screen?

We should have pride in ourselves shouldn’t we? We should dress nice, wear a nice shirt, tie and a business suit. Too many people now dress casually when they should dress to impress. They turn up in jeans and a top and expect to get paid as much as someone with responsibility! Then they wonder why they end up sweeping the car park!

Britain needs to keep it’s top people and they need to be paid enough to motivate them and that includes bonuses! Poor people don’t need motivation, they have to eat don’t they? They should be grateful they have a job!

It’s not greed is it to want your fair share of the cake, even if it is half of it? People moan when they only get the crumbs, but what do they contribute towards the cake in the first place. Do they invest in growing the wheat? Did they make the oven it was baked in? Did they even cook the damn cake? There is a lot of planning and recipes that go into making a cake. Rich people employ cooks to do this sort of thing. There would be no cakes without greedy rich people. Greed is good! It motivates!

The Countryside

Take a look at today’s picture. No, it’s not a cake! It looks a little like the English countryside, where you can walk, enjoy the view, get fresh air and take photographs. I often take shots like this and beyond those trees much of that small patch of open space is taken up with a golf course for members only. I think that is a group of people taking up much more of the cake than they deserve.  I saw no children running through those fields and enjoying the countryside.  The English Countryside is the playground of the rich taking what they want with no  regard to others less fortunate.They have no empathy for others and this behaviour isn’t exclusive to Britain. In every country of the world politicians and businessmen grab whatever they can for themselves with little regard for anyone else. Some worry in old age that their greed is a sin and try to buy a key to the Kingdom of Heaven by giving some of their ‘wealth’ to charity. They don’t realise that true wealth is generosity of spirit, good friends and a warm and safe environment; something they have spent their lives destroying.

The cake is only so big, if some people take more than their fair share and are greedy; others will get crumbs and some will go hungry.

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