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Thrifty Thursday | Changing times




I went to Aldi again this week in search of  few bargains! They sell Bank’s beer in my local Aldi which is a popular beer around this neck of the woods. I see the guys buy a few bottles which is very different from years ago when they would go to the pub for a few pints. Pubs keep closing down or going up market and serving meals. Some are showing sport as people go to sporting events less and prefer to watch them on TV. Men certainly seem to spend more time at home rather than in the pub.

Retail therapy

People used to have a lot more children and kids cost money. In China where many families are restricted to having only one child the average savings is nearly half of income; but there aren’t the same welfare and health provisions as the UK. This change in attitudes has led to people spending more money on their homes and enjoying more technology. Women now refer to shopping as ‘retail therapy’ but we can get carried away with spending. Do we need all the latest gadgets? It seems the pressure of keeping up with the Joneses also leads many people into debt and the stress can also lead to addiction to alcohol,gambling and even drugs. I don’t think Aldi sells cigarettes but I wouldn’t notice, I gave up that money wasting evil years ago, but I do recognise how addictive it is.

Relationships and money

It is important in a relationship to talk about money and to come to some agreement about it. It’s no good one half of the relationship being thrifty while the other half wants everything from the posh new car to the latest Ipad. I went around a major retail store last week after my laptop hard drive packed up and I saw lots of things to tempt me; especially DSLR cameras! I did buy the laptop and paid cash and thereby avoided nasty interest charges. I was shopping alone and so there was no one to influence my decisions, except for the attractive young assistant who actually advised me to have a laptop that was £100 cheaper than the one I had looked at!

We can adjust to living in a consumer society where we are bombarded with offers and advertising. We can learn not to be tempted by the flashy labels and the cute advertising. I checked my bill today for Aldi to see what I had bought and I think I avoided luxuries. The beer could be regarded as a luxury but I enjoy it and can afford it; so why not? I was undercharged on the potatoes but that makes up for being overcharged the week before! I saved compared to going to one of the larger supermarkets, like Asda.

Living alone

I live alone and if I have chicken drumsticks from Asda they are 2 packs for £7. That’s not too bad because I can separate and freeze them but to get a reasonable price on fruit I have to buy two packs again. It not only makes for a bigger bill but the fruit can go off and then I waste food! I get drumsticks for £1.99 a pack in Aldi which is cheaper and I can buy as many as I need. The fruit too is in more reasonably sized packs. I think major supermarkets should cater more for people who live alone, we make up a large proportion of the population.


News from the drinks industry is that it is selling less alcohol but the monetary value is a little higher because it is selling more expensive wine and champagne.  I suppose the rich will always buy more champagne and off course less money was spent in the pubs by us mere mortals! The government advice is to drink less and have a few days off a week from drinking alcohol if we drink regularly. This is good advice and one many are taking, maybe the champagne drinkers should take note?

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