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Finance Friday | Making money

Money - Seeing the future


Last week I wrote about keeping accounts and I write a lot about saving money, being thrifty and being frugal. How about making more money? Starting a part time business or doing a part time job can make a huge difference to the amount of money that we have available to spend on luxuries and therefore improve quality of life. So too can improving your resume (CV), getting promotion or a better job.

A better job

You might try to project a better image as well as improve your CV. This can mean taking up new interests or improving online profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn. It could mean projecting a image by writing a blog, even! We may not like it but we are judged on how we look, how we behave and increasingly these days by our online persona! Even losing weight can improve your chances of getting promotion or a better job. In order to change and become more desirable to an employer we do have to take a good look at ourselves and assess not just our physical appearance and what we can do to improve that, but also assess whether we can improve our attitude to people and work. We can also consider acquiring new skills, knowledge and education. The internet has opened up lots of opportunities for learning. These days you can type a question into a browser and get an answer in seconds.

A part time business

If you have a skill then a part time business can be a good idea. This will bring in extra income and add business experience to your skills. It is also a good idea if you don’t have a job; being boss of your own part time business looks better on your resume than a period of unemployment. What business you go into depends on your knowledge and skills. Even if you don’t have any suitable skills you might consider a business where basic skills can be used. You might valet cars, mow lawns or do cleaning. Many of the things that you do in everyday life and are good at, might provide an opportunity to develop those basic skills into a part time business. Again, you will need to keep accounts and write down all your income and outgoings.

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day  tomorrow and on Sunday it’s Mother’s Day. Next week we go to British Summer Time in the UK and this can be a good time to think about the garden, maybe plan some Spring planting and prepare the garden? You could also buy something garden related as a Mother’s Day gift. Gifts related to gardening can give flowers or fruit all summer, if not for years to come. What better way for a gift to be remembered and it’s very frugal too.

We also have longer days to look forward to and I will welcome the lighter nights. I can take a lot more photographs and even go out in the evenings exploring with my camera. This is a very frugal hobby of course and much cheaper than many other things I could be doing with my time. It’s relaxing and I get photographs for my blogs! If I get good at it, it could even turn into another little business! Many photographic libraries buy photographs and so if you are good at photography, that can be a source of additional income. You can find them online and some of them pay quite well. Check the definition that they require, some want 72 dpi and others want better definition and that might mean using a more expensive DSLR camera.

Whatever skills or knowledge that you have, ask yourself whether other people or companies would pay  to use what you have to offer.

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