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Oh no it’s Farmville

Oh No Farmville

FarmVille on Facebook

All my friends got this message from Farmville the other day. Errors aren’t unusual and the guys at Zynga don’t seem to care. The game refreshes quite a lot and now many of us have 5 farms, moving between farms takes too long. Perhaps Zynga should try to get the game to work better and forget additional farms and quests? I think the players would like that!

If you have read my previous FarmVille blogs you’ll know I used the ‘belted cow’ trick to make a lot of coins and went up to level 1,000! I’m now on level 1007 and and I have about 1,000 belted cows on the Lighthouse Cove farm and tend to use a farmhand to harvest that lot. 


Fuel is quite important and it’s a good idea to exchange goods for fuel and buy as many goods from other players that you can afford to exchange for fuel. There is a limit of 100 though and then you get a message saying you can’t buy more from a particular neighbour. I was buying about 25 lots on each farm but now we have Hawaiian Paradise I am buying 20 lots on each farm! I try to buy the most expensive and usually pay over 10,000 coins for at least some of the goods. If goods go over level 100 they get a price tag of just over 10,000 coins. I have over 39,000 lots of fuel and so must be doing something right.


My coins are going up again after I spent lots buying belted cows and going up a lot of levels to get to level 1,000. I have 632,000,000 coins today, but what can I spend them on? Maybe, Zynga could come up with a castle that costs 500,000,000 coins? I think they have tried to change the game and spoil things for people who still have dairies and can still make lots of coins! They have changed things for Hawaiian Paradise and now we need coconuts! This is ridiculous!

We don’t get FarmVille Cash when we get past level 250 either which spoils things a little. I think Zynga are too greedy, but their CEO is one of the highest paid in the industry and they constantly nag us to buy FarmVille cash. I really dislike computer nagging and it get worse. Annoying people with pop ups doesn’t help Zynga sell FV cash! We are also expected to beg neighbours for help. I get requests from people to be neighbours and I agree and they don’t end up as neighbours, quite often! I have 117 neighbours now and I’m supposed to visit their farms too. People get annoyed when they get FarmVille requests when they don’t play the game too, that makes FarmVille unpopular; but it also makes players unpopular.

I must mention the God awful Craft Shops. They are so slow especially if you click share. I have to make farmhands and I try to get vehicle parts; everything else is a waste of time, unless you need to get rid of goods! That is also annoying when we run out of storage. The stalls get full and you can’t upgrade them without begging and trying to sort out Farmville friends from the rest; I can’t be bothered. The silos are always full too and you don’t get a warning, until it’s too late!

I’m not sure how we are supposed to remember what crops we have planted on 5 different farms and the emails that they send don’t help. They tell us crops are ready but not which farm they’re on!

I nearly forgot! To put the moat together, simply use straight bits to go straight and corners to go around corners; it’s not a puzzle. The same applies to the railway tracks!

Have you got a moan about FarmVille or an idea for improving it? Please comment!

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5 responses

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  3. kathy

    Mike I totally agree about the crops planted. Why can’t they list the farms and crops in a drop down box along with the count of what you have planted. Nothing is more annoying to me to plant and find that I am short in the harvest! Farmville express does have this feature so why can’t they do it with the regular game.

    8, June 2012 at 3:31 pm

  4. Hi Kathy,

    I think Farmville is really frustrating now. I have just written another blog about it. I got bored and tried to check my email and went to sleep! I have put Hawaiian Paradise on pause because I keep running out of space to store bushels. If I can stay awake I’ll post a new blog tomorrow! Maybe Zynga will want me for a consultant then! 🙂

    Thanks for visiting! 🙂

    8, June 2012 at 4:18 pm

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