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Frugal Food | Adding flavour

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Herbs and spices

I made a chicken stew over the weekend and put in extra herbs for flavour. This can reduce the cost, because you don’t need so much chicken and is particularly good if you’re using a more expensive meat. I used 2 chicken legs and cooked those in water until I was able to remove the bones easily. I added lots of veggies that included swede, carrots and onion that were in a stew pack, then added seasoning. The herbs gave it a great flavour and I used 1/2 a teaspoon of oregano, sage, thyme, basic and herb d’ Provence. I got all the dried herbs for about 50p a jar from Aldi and Lidl. The basil was in fact fresh and made a difference this week. I made 1.5 litres for less than 2 pounds and it was not only frugal but yummy! You can cut the meat down even more if you add vegetable protein in the form of pulses. Try a cup full dried split peas but soak them overnight first. If you are adding split peas the amount of chicken can be halved. You can also add a chicken stock cube for extra flavour. You can also add an extra onion for even more flavour.

Stir fry

I bought 400 grams of diced pork yesterday and that will be stir fried with boiled rice and I’ll add soy sauce and 5 spice. I don’t use a lot of spice, but I like 5 spice added to a stir fry. I also intend to try sweet and sour chicken soon! If it turns out yummy, I’ll do the recipe for that.

I’m still looking for bargains when I shop and the fresh chicken legs were reduced at Lidl yesterday and the seedless grapes were down £1.29 from £1.99 and I need my fruit and veg!


Eggs are a great frugal food and very versatile and I forgot to get any! I have about 6 left and so I still have time to get some before I run out. Eggs, chips and peas are a great meal and it has been shown that although they contain cholesterol we don’t seem to absorb it. You can also do egg on toast, poached eggs, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs and so on. Again you can think about pulses because beans on toast is a really nourishing meal.

Oily fish

I’m trying to eat fish a couple of times a week and so I looked for sardines in tomato sauce last week in Aldi and again in Lidl and neither store had any. I ended up with kippers in vegetable oil! I thought mackerel in tomato sauce was OK from Aldi, but I prefer sardines.


I can’t eat sausages because they contain gluten, but I used to really like bangers and mash or a sausage inserted into a baked potato like a hot dog! With either dish you need veggies with it. I think peas are a great vegetable and just as good frozen. They are ideal with bangers and mash or egg and chips! Sausages are great as a base for a stew or casserole too.

Vitamins and minerals

There are a lot of colds about and so I’m drinking blackcurrant juice and eating broccoli to get some extra vitamin C. You also need potassium and most fruits are suitable, but especially bananas and oranges. I find a banana is very filling but grapes aren’t and so I eat more; so I tend to favour grapes! The best one is papaya, but I hardly ever see them in stores.

The humble sarnie

The humble sandwich can be a little special if you make a double toasted sandwich with a suitable protein filling. I think chicken is a great filling for sandwiches and can be used hot or cold. You can add salad and pickles (Branston!) are great with a chicken sandwich. You can save a fortune by making your own sandwiches the evening before and taking them to work with you. If you work in a warm environment then freeze your sarnies; they will be thawed and fresh by lunchtime. You could freeze enough for a whole week! Take fruit to go with your lunchtime sarnie, so you get your 5 fruit and veg a day.

Save money on food, switch a few lights off to save electricity, grow some herbs in the garden or on the windowsill, drive carefully to save fuel and save the money up for a nice bit of luxury! Look after the pennies…

There are more amazing blogs on the Home Page. Do you have a frugal food favourite? Do share it and comment!



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