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Sunday lunch ramble

Wednesbury-Ridgeacre-park 053

No speed humps

The road in the picture fascinates me, no speed humps or traffic calming and only one set of traffic lights because of a narrow bridge. There is no graffiti and the residents have a nice view over  the golf course. They live in nice houses too! Not far away, residents live in pokey apartments and I understand some of them were threatened this week with knuckle dusters and knives; charming…

Why the big difference? They built crap housing, then  the only people who want to live there are the uneducated underclass with no pride. If you live somewhere like that, it would be easy to give up and let the kids run riot. If the kids scribble a bit of graffiti or drop litter, so what? What can you do, can’t watch ‘em every minute can you? You have to have a big dog around there and a few tattoos. Have to fit in don’t ya?

The attitude of an uneducated underclass is fairly easy to understand and they do tend to drag everyone else down in the community. The area gets a reputation then and it becomes unbearable to live in the place. That’s why they need pubs, a ready supply of cigarettes and the local drug dealers. When life is unbearable people try to bear it by pretending everything is alright and using whatever is available to survive from day to day. Eventually they get so dependant on the alcohol, the drugs and so immersed in the culture they don’t even know what the problem is any more.

Would it help to introduce community education, mentors and tutors for the young people and try to help that generation to escape from poverty? I wrote a blog about education this morning too, why not pop over to a Zillion Ideas and read that one too?  I’ll start cooking lunch now!

3 responses

  1. A sad state of society when I can’t disagree with what you say. All too true.

    25, March 2012 at 1:49 pm

  2. Hi Nick,

    It was funny, I wrote that and then went out of my house and bumped into two councillors! 🙂

    25, March 2012 at 7:46 pm

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