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How to save on petrol


Driving technique

I was watching Top Gear on TV not long ago and Jeremy Clarkson was making fun of advanced drivers. Advanced drivers do know how to drive and save fuel though.  I suspect there were few advanced drivers queuing for petrol this week but plenty of petrol heads. You can get twice as many miles from a litre of petrol if you develop a driving technique that saves fuel. You don’t have to go slower; no!


Try to make sure you’re in the right gear, the engine will labour a little if you’re in too high a gear, but if it’s only for a second, it won’t do it any harm. I go around corners in 3rd quite often, although I admit I do have a 2 litre engine. I use fifth gear all the time and I take my foot off the accelerator if I can’t go anywhere.

Accelerate slowly

The accelerator is a big tap that turns on the petrol, don’t press it more than you have to. Accelerate slowly and smoothly, it will not only save fuel but it will demonstrate to other drivers that you are a cautious and careful driver. It shows you know how to drive and you’re not a young idiot or an old fool.


If you can see the traffic lights are on red or changing to red down the road, take you foot off the accelerator and brake slowly. You save fuel and wear and tear on the brakes. If you know the lights are ahead, you should slow down in plenty of time anyway.

Don’t be a moron

Frequently coming up to a junction you have to be in the right lane. One junction I come up to, means I have to be in the right lane to bear right at the junction. I slow down in plenty of time, there is a series of traffic lights and a roundabout. The guys who pass me on the inside on the approach, are morons; please don’t do it. It’s not only illegal, it’s dangerous and above all; bloody stupid.

Challenge yourself

You could challenge yourself to see how many miles to the litre (or gallon) you can get out of your car. If you have a gadget that tells you how much fuel it’s using that’s great, otherwise zero your milometer in the service station when you know how much fuel is in the car and see how much you use and how many miles you do. Can you do better? Let me know in the comments, how well you did. How many miles did you get to a litre? What kind of car do you drive? Diesel owners are welcome to take up the challenge too.

Drive smoothly

You won’t go far wrong if you drive smoothly and professionally; like a chauffer. Your passengers might appreciate it! You can also test your car’s capabilities sometimes. How slow will it go in 3rd gear? What is your car’s minimum speed for changing to 5th gear?

There are more amazing blogs on a Zillion Ideas. Drive like a professional this week; don’t queue. Please ignore government advice, they’re morons. Ignore the petrol heads too…

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