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Neodigital Art | Spring photos

Lake in April

I took this photo on Sunday and we have the colours of winter, the first signs of Spring, great light and sunshine. The trees that don’t yet have leaves silhouette against the sky. The sun was behind me when I took this shot, but still quite high in the sky.

Lake silhouette

I seem to get a better picture shooting down the length of the lake. Here I have took a shot across the lake to try to get those trees in silhouette against the sky. The picture doesn’t have so much depth, but the trees in the foreground do contrast to those in the background giving it some depth.

The Old Mill

I’ve photographed this pub before from the same spot, but this time I didn’t zoom in and I used the wall in the foreground for depth.

Steps - Moorcroft Wood

People seem intrigued by steps in woodland and I have photographed steps in several different woodland and leading down to the canal. They make a good subject because there is a pattern to them and people wonder where they go. I got the log in the foreground to add interest and depth. The woodland should change dramatically in the next few weeks.


This shot of the Milky Pool is interesting because of the colours, but the tree gives the picture depth and in silhouette against the sky makes it more interesting. You might like to pop over to A Zillion Ideas to read more.


17 responses

  1. As always, your photos are beautiful. Hope you are far enough south to miss the snow. Although, snow always makes for good photographs!

    3, April 2012 at 8:05 am

  2. Hi Myfanwy,

    I do a final check after it’s been published for mistakes and you read it before me! I found one error! I usually get good pictures of snow and even had requests this year; I had to take pictures at night. I’m in the Midlands between Birmingham and Wolverhampton; you wouldn’t believe it from the photos! Royalty have been known to close the blinds when the Royal Train comes through here! It was sort of April showers yesterday but reasonably warm. I put my coat on as it started to rain but it soon stopped. I think today will be the same. I can see clouds but blue sky too. I will write another blog similar to this one for a Zillion ideas and after lunch I might explore and take more photos. I’m trying to think of ideas for a short story and I need inspiration!

    3, April 2012 at 8:30 am

  3. I really like the photograph of the pub with the wall in the foreground. It does give depth, and frames the shot nicely. All are very nice, but that was definitely my favorite. It’s details like the wall that I sometimes forget to add…so your reminder of its impact was appreciated. Debra

    4, April 2012 at 3:00 am

  4. Hi Debra,

    It’s the little things that seem to make a difference. I took one shot in woodland that I would like to print and frame because I think it’s really good. I like that shot of the pub, but I like most pictures of buildings. The difference between art and photography for me is getting a great shot and then editing it just right, then thinking I couldn’t do that again! I try to analyse it when I get it right but it’s not always easy to define what is art and what is just another photograph.

    Thanks for visiting and appreciating the pictures. There are a few more on A Zillion Ideas!

    4, April 2012 at 8:13 am

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