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Digital Easter

Woden Road South, Wednesbury

I’m planning on taking photographs again this weekend, the roads will be quiet on Sunday. This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago in Wednesbury (England)  where I live. I find lots to take photos of, both man made structures like buildings and of nature. I suppose we are lucky to have so much variety, but many people don’t appreciate what we have. I think wherever you live in the world, there must be something to photograph. It is so easy to share photographs now on Photo bucket, Facebook or Pinterest too. There is no real need to print them out.

I have two parks close by and they make a good place to take photographs. Both King’s Hill and Brunswick Park are Victorian parks and interesting to walk around and photograph. I also find the Victorian buildings to be good subjects. There is also lakes and pools, I’m not sure if the one in the photograph above is big enough to be a lake; some people call it a pond! It’s not that small! There are other pools and parks within 3 miles of here and lots of canals.

I took a few photographs at Moorcroft Wood at Moxley a couple of weeks ago and although the pool there is drying up; I liked the photos. The canal runs past Moorcroft Wood and that makes for interesting photographs. Not far from there I have good photographs of what’s left of the Wednesbury Oak Loop canal at Moxley.

Not far from the lake in the photo is the Milky pool at the Millfields. I wonder if there was a watermill there, once? There was a watermill driven by the River Tame and we have photographed the Tame in Wednesbury, at Sheepwash in Dudley and around Walsall. The Tame runs down to Sandwell Valley where it runs around the lake at Forge Mill. I have photographed the river, the lake and some of the surrounding countryside. Swan pool in Sandwell Valley is a good place to take photographs, it has lots of wildlife and is good at sunset. There is also Sandwell Valley farm with Dartmouth park adjacent and farther down Sandwell Valley is a bridle way along the side of the river that is good to walk down and take photographs. From there it’s not far to Redhouse Park and that has a nice pool; there may even be two of them!

From Redhouse Park you can drive down to the bottom of Newton Road and turn left and head towards Walsall. There is a layby on the right and the entrance to Merrion’s Wood. Walk down the path into the woodland along Beacon Way and there is a ditch on the right. When you see a bridge (a thick plank) across the ditch, cross there and enter a positive wonderland; an enchanted world hidden in the woodland. I doubt if there is anywhere else on earth like it and the photographs would be great in a children’s book about fairies.


Merrion’s Wood – enchanted.

After talking to the fairies in Merrion’s Wood you can continue down the Birmingham Road and turn left at the traffic light and there is the golf course on the right just past the bridge over the canal. It’s worth stopping at that canal and photographing the canal locks. If you continue through the Delves it brings you out on the Walsall Road and you can go to the Broadway and then there are a few places around Walsall to visit. Walsall Arboretum is still being restored, but we took a few photos in there a couple of weeks ago. I have taken a few photos in Frimley Avenue park too. I usually go in the Woodwards Road entrance. You have to cross the canal and that looks industrial, but I took photographs there when I first started taking photos and the steps down to the canal are interesting; shame about all the litter!

It’s not far from there to Bentley Mill Way, where there is the canal, an aqueduct and 17th century bridges to photographs, The Tame joins to a brook and goes under one of the bridges. There are steps up on to the top of the aqueduct too.

You could walk your dog around these places (keep it on a lead) but taking photographs is far more interesting. Just think how impressed your friends will be if you get a photograph of a fairy in Merrion’s Wood! Have a great Easter, whatever you’re doing! If you are wandering around my patch of the woods, do say hello!

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