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Get lucky!


Through the ages certain symbols and items have been considered lucky or unlucky. The four leaf clover is considered lucky and there is also the lucky penny. Then some things are considered unlucky. Next Friday, is Friday the 13th and considered unlucky because Christ died on a Friday. Pirates of old considered anything to do with funerals that came on board their ship, to be bad luck, that included priests and flowers. Naked women on the ship were considered lucky, that’s why there would be a a figurehead of a naked women on the ship. I always believed that a naked woman knocking on your door carrying a case of beer was quite lucky…  Now onto my invisible picture…

I usually start my blogs with a picture and this one is no exception, but this picture is all black and so invisible! I know, it’s spooky, but there is a reason for it. The picture is below the header picture of the lake and above this text and so you can right click on it and download the picture, usually by clicking saveas. It could be save picture as. Save it somewhere that you can find it, maybe on your desktop.

Some years ago psychologists gave out ‘lucky pennies’ and told people they were lucky. Well who wouldn’t believe a psychologist? Because they believed they were lucky, they were! The power of belief made them lucky. Let’s try another experiment!

You have your all black picture saved on your desktop or wherever. Now you need  to open it in Microsoft Paint or a similar program and paste some lucky images onto it. You can search for these images. Search for Fortuna first, the Roman Goddess of luck or good fortune and find a symbol that represents Fortuna. Now paste this small image onto your black image in Paint. Paste it on the right hand side and then look for more images associated with good luck, a 4 leaf clover, perhaps. Now paste that onto the black image. Be a little creative and resize the images and overlap them. You could paste an image of the wheel of fortune too and maybe a black cat…

Now what do you want luck to bring you? A lottery win? Find an image and paste it onto your collage. You could perhaps find something that symbolises money to paste. A picture of a beautiful woman, a nice house, a holiday or  a symbol signifying love perhaps? Keep pasting images until you have half filled your black rectangle. Be creative and make a cool looking collage!

When your collage is finished, save it  and then you can set it as you lucky desktop background. Then the experiment can begin. You just wait to get lucky! It might not be the jackpot on the lottery, but in the days and weeks that follow have you been lucky in anything associated with the images you pasted. It might only be a small  win on the lottery or a mere flirtation with one of the other phenomenon. But was the image lucky? Did you start to believe in luck, just a little?

Please comment and tell me how the experiment went! There are more cool blogs on the Home Page!


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