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Pudding, sweet or dessert?

Green and pleasant

I have been thinking about the British class system this week. Apparently the upper classes say pudding and  the middle classes say sweet. I tend to say dessert, not that I have one very often. I do try to have fruit after meals, but often forget.  We did say pudding when we were kids, we had pudding too to fill us up. I thought we were working class, perhaps I was wrong; I could have been upper class all this time and not have known it? The coat of arms for my family name is on sale on EBay for $113.00, the very rare print from the 1700’s is on sale in Texas. I wonder if I should snap it up?

My brother is going to a posh do in a couple of weeks and has to wear a dinner jacket. If you say ‘dinner jacket’, you’re upper class, the middle classes say ‘dress suit’. The working classes say “what’s that then?”

The accent is different too and I admit to having a Black Country accent and dialect. We say class and not ‘clarse’, pass but not ‘parse’ and we rarely say ‘ass’.

Most of my neighbours who work,  are blue collar workers, mechanics, engineers; people who do real work. Have you noticed there is a new class now of people who pretend to work and make up acronyms that no one understands. They draw things on maps and then the workers make them real, like traffic calming and horrible lane marking on roads. They sit on steering committees and talk rubbish. They like infographics; that word isn’t even in my dictionary. They have pet words that they think makes them sound cool. Words like hub, there are educational hubs and health hubs. The person in charge of the hub gets paid a fortune from our taxes and sits there all day answering emails and making up bloody stupid acronyms. Many people in offices spend 30% of their time answering emails, we pay some people 30,000 pounds a year to answer emails, 20,000 pounds to make up stupid acronyms and the remaining 50,000 pounds they earn is for talking rubbish most of the time.

You are supposed to mix with your own class, but online I have friends who are all through the class system. I suppose most of them are sane ordinary people. There are aristocrats and even royalty; but I don’t discriminate. My blogs are read by people from a dozen countries most days and so race and culture doesn’t really matter to me. I just get curious sometimes, this week I wondered why I was getting more readers in Belarus!

This town has a lord of the manor, he rarely visits and lives down south somewhere. That could be a useful title if someone used it wisely. The problem is, people who are lords think they are superior rather than having a role that should serve the people. The people don’t really have a champion to represent them with the powers that be. There is a role for the lord of the manor. That title is transferable for a negotiated settlement. Those titles are even auctioned. I might have a go at buying the title if I ever win the lottery. I could put it to good use!

I think there is a class system in most countries, but not quite as distinctive as in Britain. I suppose that is because we still have royalty who still enjoy large flag waving support. I’ve never been one for bowing and scraping and would never go for anything that stank of Nationalism. I do have a cushion with the union flag on, but the union flag had been used and abused by Nationalists and fascists. It doesn’t have the same significance that it once had. It’s the same with the English flag, soccer has ruined the image that it once had. It’s no longer the symbol of Richard the Lionheart and  more a symbol of drunken yobs.

I worry sometimes that I am becoming more middle class. I value education, very middle class, I invest rather than buying bling; very middle class. I dislike outward shows of wealth and don’t even try to keep up with the Joneses; very middle class. I’m not quite in the Hyacinth Bucket, manicured lawn league though; am I? I have noticed the young people that I regard as middle class behaving in a way that I think would shock their parents. They appear to be trying to revolt, they are at least becoming more revolting! They tend to towards profane language and are getting more consumerist, demanding smart phones so they can post on social networks every 5 minutes. Is this generation, the end of the middle classes as we know them. Is social networking creating a melting pot and destroying class division? Nah, we still have David Cameron stirring up divisions and coming up with ‘robust’ responses. I think there is an underclass though, they live on housing estates with speed humps and prefabricated housing; where people are a success if they have more than two children. The middle and upper classes have less children too. I don’t have any! They read a lot too. Oh God, I read a lot too! A least I don’t make up acronyms for a living…

If you like this blog or even understand it, please comment. You can also share it with your Facebook friends just by clicking a thingy. I just said thingy, middle class people don’t say thingy; I’m safe! I’m in  a class of my own! There are more amazing blogs on the Home Page.

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