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What’s wrong with this country?


I wanted to write about stupid stuff this morning. Like, why do we erect stupid statues of 6 legged horses, that no one can see. Why does the new college have a wave shaped roof? Why  is the art (gallery?) pink? Why are the stupid people in charge of everything? Why has petrol gone up from 128.9 before Christmas to 138.9 now? Why did the government give lots of money to councils to put disabled crossings on the roads everywhere and then cut benefits for disabled people? Why do I have to pay vehicle excise licence on my car as well as putting petrol in it at an obscene price? Why are they obsessed with stupid acronyms?

I started doing research this morning and found a really stupid acronym for a local health committee. It’s all being reorganised, yet again. Then I realised that my doctor was chairman of the committee! Oops, I won’t use that one.  We have to have high standards in healthcare based on research, but sometimes it’s based on belief and those beliefs aren’t always sensible. You have to use a little common sense in all things. My local hospital has ‘routes’ for different areas of the out patients department. I don’t think it’s even called outpatients any more. I like the new hospital, but why do they have to be so trendy and use terms that many people won’t be familiar with. I like the fact they have a cafe, supermarket and cash machine in the reception area; but did we need a trendy coffee place? I went into one of these trendy fast foods joints yesterday, they are a licence to print money. The trendy people in their designer tracks suits and trainers were queuing up to be deprived of their money. It was of course American, because Americans are more into taking risks. The British hate all the blame that is associated with failure and so dislike taking a risk. The British middle classes that tend to run things are also inclined to not do anything showy. They tend to be conservative, wear the proper clothes, nothing ostentatious, behave with reserve and avoid any risk that might lead to failure. The British are averse to risk. It hasn’t always been like this, the British were once adventurers and had a empire. Perhaps it was the failure of the empire that led to middle class insecurity?

We don’t seem to give each other support. We build people up only to take pleasure in destroying them just as they are doing well. The middle classes in Britain seem to lack something, like personality. They copy some working class behaviour and language, so as to appeal less boring. They even feign cockney slang in an attempt to sound trendy. If you see a television programme like Eastenders or Coronation street it will depict the worse of working class people, not the best. This is because these programmes are written and directed not by people from working class backgrounds, but by the middle classes and so they reflect their prejudices.

Ordinary people in Britain are denied opportunities because of that prejudice and so don’t always get the education and career opportunities they deserve. Because of this the talents of this large section of the population aren’t used and so Britain is becoming poorer all the time. It becomes poorer in economic terms and in cultural terms.

I don’t talk posh and I have a ‘working class’ background, accent and dialect but later I will write for my own website. I also have to check a paper for a university student who has written a end of semester paper. I think the artwork I produce is less likely to be exhibited in my local pink art thingy (gallery?) than some talentless middle class ‘artist’ from a more affluent location. I am denied some opportunities, but I think I’m a realist. What do you think of Britain’s prospects and problems?

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4 responses

  1. I take it the pink gallery is ‘The Public?’ What struck me was for all the hype, there wasn’t much art in it. I took the kids last year and they were bored after 20 minutes.


    9, April 2012 at 7:59 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      I haven’t been yet. I like art in fact I might go to the one at Walsall in October for an exhibition but the Public cost too much and West Bromwich is just confusing now. I have no idea where you would park for the place. The road works at the end of the Express Way seem to go on forever! I think the open exhibition they have planned is a good idea but it should be better organised and Sandwell people only. They need to promote art here. Even a exhibition with entries from across the Black Country would be good.

      Maybe eventually they will start listening to us bloggers! 🙂

      10, April 2012 at 11:01 am

      • The Public seemed to be random things thrown in with no thought. Walsall Art Gallery is worth a visit for sure. There are always new exhibitions but the Garman Ryan collection, alone, is an experience. I suppose Walsall was lucky to have been donated such a private collection from a family who by their associations/marriages with other artist’s, combined such works. Monet’s, Turners’, Picasso’s and then Van Gogh’s – Sorrow. Okay, not the most prominant of their works but just to stand one foot away from a Van Gogh and think, ‘Crikey, he stood the same distance, creating this.’ As I say, an experience.

        10, April 2012 at 11:52 am

  2. Hi Nick,

    I did go there, but they had just closed. They had a rock band practising in there or something. I want to see a Damien Hirst exhibition in October, I’m not a great fan but some of is stuff looks good. I really like Art Nouveau and so will wander around and see if hey have any good examples.

    Thanks for the comment and info.

    10, April 2012 at 3:50 pm

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