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Neodigital Art | Poor light


I took some photographs on Sunday after the rain but the light wasn’t very good. I can however go back and take the shots again. This was waste ground at the back of some houses that has been turned into a park. It doesn’t take much, grass, trees and flowers, then they have a valuable community resource where people can walk and watch the seasons change.


I used a similar photo to this last week and wanted to take the shot again after the rain. It did bring out the textures of the bark on the tree, but I would have still liked more light. I think next time, I might use the flash to see if that highlights that bark even more.


We ended up at a high point with a good view of Central England, but the most interesting shot was the watch tower which was spoiled a little by the cell phone masts!


I like taking pictures of steps and this view was unusual as the steps went into the woodland at Wren’s Next (Dudley) nature reserve. Notice the tree with the blossom, we tried for a shot with that in the foreground and the steps in the background!


It doesn’t quite work does it? I wanted the leaves in focus and the steps slightly out of focus . I wasn’t quite tall enough for that shot!


In poor light, buildings make a good subject, especially if you spot a pub that has been painted red! I think I could have done this shot better, but there was a river between me and the pub.


This was my best shot of the afternoon as the sun broke through the clouds a little but I still needed more light. It was at least 500 metres from the road, but might be worth the walk again to get the shot in good light. Ponds like this are getting quite rare now.  This will all turn green as the summer arrives so it will all be very different soon.


The bridge down the canal is over a dual carriageway and I had just driven down there and wasn’t too sure where we were. It might look like the countryside but it was a very urban location. It has a lot of potential for development for leisure. Off to the right there, the canal runs past a pool that has lots of geese on it and then ends where it’s been filled in. Originally it meandered around and ended up at Moorcroft Wood where the pool is in the picture above. 

We really need a new superconductor so all those high voltage power cables can go underground and the waterways could then become a valuable leisure resource rather than a graffiti artists’ paradise.

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12 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Great pictures! The one of the cell phone antenna on top of the tower is priceless. What an intense juxtaposition of the modern with the ancient!

    The tree with the bark photo also stood out for me. The position of the branches of that tree reaching out over the water seemed a bit spooky. The tree reminded me of the haunted trees from The Wizard of Oz.

    Your photos always seem like more than photos to me. They set a scene and tell a story.

    Yesterday I posted a poll on photography, I thought of you as I wrote it. The results are quite interesting!

    10, April 2012 at 1:57 pm

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    The cell phone tower was behind the watchtower. There were several and so it was impossible not to have them in a shot. I really disliked the place, nice views across England but useless for photographs. I was interested in the telecom towers though because that used to be my job. Many of the microwave dishes pointed at the telecom tower in Birmingham where I once worked. I was amazed to see how many signals were repeated on to other transmitters.

    The one is Moorcroft wood is very artistic. I would like more light and I might use the flash next time. I liked the pond the most but even though the sun came out briefly, it’s still quite dull. One of the students I help in China said the same and said she will be trying to take some artistic shots when this semester finishes. She leaves Xiaogan university and will be coming here to study at my local university in August. She wants to take photos in Moorcroft Wood next year!

    The light is good today, but I’m a little busy!

    10, April 2012 at 2:47 pm

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