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I usually tell you the bargains to be picked up at Lidl and Aldi but I didn’t go this week because it was Easter Sunday.  The Super 6 offer is the same with potatoes, tomatoes, etc. on special offer.  You can check out the website for the other offers on non food stuffs.  It’s the Grand National in the UK on Saturday, it’s a horse race for those of you that are overseas. We like to have a little bet on the ‘National’ and I have already placed my bet!

I placed my bet this morning on Betfair and got 100 to 1! The odds at Ladbrokes was only 40 to 1. If you have a bet occasionally, like me, it’s worth opening an account at Betfair. It’s not a bookies but a betting exchange. You can use my code to get a free bet – YP3CM777F . You deposit 25 pounds and they give you 10 pounds into your account for some free bets.  Anyway, I found this computer thing for analysing the runners, online and it made Synchronised the best bet, as we would expect because it’s favourite. That’s ridden by Tony McCoy and so a good bet, although the odds on Saturday might not be so good. The other one the computer picked was Le Beau Bai and I got 100 to 1 on that! It will be chips for tea if that comes in on Saturday afternoon!

If you open an account on Betfair you will see the odds displayed on a page in 3 columns. Just pick the middle column and click on the left hand side to bet and the right side to ‘lay’ a bet. When you ‘lay’ a bet, you’re actually taking the bet from someone else. Be careful, laying bets. You can lose a lot of money, if the bet wins!

There were sales over Easter and that caused traffic jams near me, meaning I couldn’t get to Halfords to buy a SAT NAV; there is a lesson to be learned there by retailers. Don’t have Bank Holiday sales, they cause traffic jams and the Monday jam was on the slip road to Junction 9 of the M6. If Halfords go out of business it’s their own fault, although the traffic was trying to get to Ikea not Halfords, I think.

It seems the government is going to introduce a minimum price for  alcoholic drinks in the UK that depends on the number of units of alcohol they contain. The minimum price will be 40p per unit of alcohol.

Bank’s Mild (bottle) 1.75 units. Minimum price: 70p (I paid 99p)

Strong Cider: 2 Litres 10.6 units. Minimum price: £4.25 (I paid 1.99 in Lidl)

Cheap scotch: 70cl  28 units.  Minimum price: £11.20  (I paid about £10.50)

It seems par for the course, people who can only afford the cheap stuff will pay more and the Champagne Charlie’s will laugh all the way to Sainsbury’s. They say the drinks industry will make extra profits, but people won’t drink the cheap cider from Lidl and that company will go out of business, with lots of redundancies but there will be a few people drinking more expensive ciders.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

You can always make you own booze from cheap fruit juice! Yes, I can do the instructions!

The stock market hasn’t done so well this week, losing any gains it made last week. I think there could be bargains to be had for the thrifty and frugal; I’ll post a blog if I buy anything. There are a couple that have met my target price to buy this week; but I think they might go down a little more. Every penny counts!

People around the world are becoming more thrifty as the powers that be, fail to control the economies around the world. We have to be thrifty and frugal if we want a better future. People and governments that lived for today at the expense of tomorrow are regretting it. We can learn from our mistakes, but it’s better to learn from the mistakes of others!

I shall be shopping around again this week. I want to pay a visit to Poundland and I think this week’s supermarket will be Lidl, mostly for chicken and pork.  There website isn’t very informative but I hope the chicken is on offer and they have diced pork for my stir fry. I bought 1 Kg of long grained rice for 40p last time I was in there, which is a bargain. I might even go to Lidl and Aldi this week, because Lidl tend not to have the crisps I want; I will have to stock up!  There are some bargains at Asda, but many offers are buy two or even buy three which is difficult when you live alone, as many people do. I looked at chicken drumsticks and thighs mixed on their website and they are £3.00 a kilo compared to £2.00 at Aldi down the road.

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