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It seems as always that food prices are going up and so we have to try to save a little by shopping around. I have been saving the trays my chicken comes in to ‘recycle’ into seed trays. I’ve bought seed to grow beans and lettuce and I want to grow a few herbs and do a herb garden this year.  Even if you don’t have a garden you can grow herbs in a window box or on the window sill; fresh herbs in soup or stew really makes a difference.

There was a little frost this morning and so it’s too early to plant outside in my part of England, but I will be planting some soon and putting pots on windowsills ready to plant out as soon as the weather improves. It’s a good time to mow lawns and get the ground ready for crops too.

You can recycle other plastic containers besides meat trays. I have an opaque meat tray and a clear one by putting them together I can make a propagator for seeds! Slugs love fermenting beer and so why not turn a 2 litre bottle into a little slug beer brewery. Just put 500 ml of cheap beer in, some sugar, water and yeast and leave it to ferment for a week. Then use it to bait slug traps. I use plastic bottles with a hole in the side partly buried in the ground as slug traps. Don’t forget to put a little beer in them and put a top on to keep out the rain.

Petrol and diesel also continues to go up and so I’m planning journeys and driving really smoothly. I have a trip to make in a few days time, can I do shopping on the way? If I can kill two birds with one stone, I will. I am amazed how some people will spend £2.00 on a sandwich, when they could make their own for 50p, but then drive around trying to save 50p on their petrol. It is rather a false economy. Common sense should prevail, don’t drive too far looking for cheap fuel.

What are the street style gurus wearing  now that Spring is here? I don’t see designer labels. I do see accessories. I saw some designer sunglasses for over £100. I can get prescription glasses with complex lenses that react to the light for that. Don’t get ripped off by a famous name. In the UK, try Matalan for clothes at good prices and accessories.

I read that people who are good at gardening are happier for it. I think that’s true, people who are really good at anything tend to be happier. You could take up gardening or maybe sewing to alter clothes to make them more ‘street style’. You could take up lots of interests, I enjoy my art and photography and even writing! You could experiment and learn to cook and present a really scrumptious meal. I cooked Chinese stir fry yesterday. Yummy! I’m quite good at gourmet salads too. Whatever your speciality, if people appreciate it and you share your expertise, it will enhance your self esteem and you’ll be happier. You too can be a gourmet barbecue chef this summer!

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